Ten ladies vie for the coveted Miss Universe Jamaica 2020 crown.

Meet the ten ladies vying for the Miss Universe Jamaica Title. The lady who wins this title will go on to compete for the Miss. Universe Global title. According to the Miss. Universe Jamaica Facebook Page, ten beautiful, intelligent and charismatic ladies vie for the coveted Miss Universe Jamaica 2020 crown. Photos by Dash Productions Hair by Marcia’s Patio & Eugent Dawes Makeup by Oneil Baugh of @glambyoneilmua6618 & @wendys_makeup_beauty_home Thanks to the R Hotel the fabulous location for our shoot

Kimberly Kemelia Dawkins

Kemelia Dawkins Contestant No. 1
Name: Kimberly Kemelia Dawkins
Sash: Miss R Hotel
Age: 26
Height: 5’9″ Kimberly Dawkins is a graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica, and now a Registered Nurse at the Bustamante Hospital for Children’s, and part-time model. She also enjoys participating in charity activities and giving back to the less fortunate. In the future Kimberly hopes to pursue a Degree in Midwifery and master’s in public health nursing.
She has initiated a mentorship program in collaboration with the Jamaica Youth Motivators Organization, the RED FLOWER Program, geared towards teaching young women Respect, Empowerment and Discipline. This is a platform she hopes will help her be an effective mentor to young women in her country and globally.

Last School Attended: The University of Technology Jamaica

Scholastic Achievements: UTECH Students’ Union – College of Health Sciences, Student Representative 2017/18; Nursing Student Association of Jamaica – Vice President 2018/19, Executive Secretary 2016/17; College of Health Sciences Student Representative Committee Assistant Entertainment Director 2016/17; UTECH Association of Jamaica Nursing and Midwifery Student Executive Member 2016-2018

Life’s Ambition: To excel in my Nursing Career and be successful with helping abused young girls, while continuing my passion in the art of modelling

Tell us about your volunteer work: Throughout my time at University I’ve volunteered with many initiatives by the Students Union, including; Teach the Youth Summer School Program (in communities surrounding Papine) and their annual Tag Drive (funds raised towards several charity organizations, and to help with student grants). Currently, I work with the Jamaica Youth Motivators, a non-profit organization, as the Women Empowerment Lead, I initiated the RED Flower Program which focuses on teaching young women Respect, Empowerment and Discipline. I want to be the change in want to see and I believe as women we have to first understand ourselves as a person so that we can aim to be the best version of ourselves.Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why?
Yes, empowering young women through the RED FLOWER initiative, to believe in, and respect themselves and in turn helping to boost their self-esteem. As a child growing up I was molested, and this affected the way I not only viewed myself, but also the way I socialized with people. I was withdrawn and had low confidence, but I’ve found ways to change that, and I want to continue being a voice for, and an example to other young girls and show them that they are not defined by their circumstance, and they too can rise above and beyond the limits set around them.

What kind of change do you want to see in the world of women?

The change I would love to see in the world of women is one in which they will be physically and emotionally safe, treated equally, genuinely support other women and never be afraid to let their voices be heard, and speak up boldly about the things that impose on their rights as individuals.

What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?

Completing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in the stipulated time frame. This is dear to me as I am not only the first in my immediate family to attend university but it has made my mom extremely proud

What qualities in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply these qualities to your time as Miss Universe Jamaica?

The qualities within myself that I am proudest of are my helpful and hardworking spirit; I always push myself to achieve whatever I put my mind to.Miss Universe Jamaica is so much more than just a title for me, it is a job, and this job requires those said qualities.
I would use them to effectively carry out my duties through charity projects under my RED FLOWER initiative, being an effective ambassador, not just for the organization but also my country and a mentor to other young women.

Monique Thomas

Monique Thomas Contestant No. 2
Name: Monique Thomas
Sash: Miss Curves
Age: 25
Height: 5’9″

Monique is on a mission to change the wellness community here in Jamaica. She started a company that specializes in superfood creations that are not only beautiful but an experience to enjoy. She is on a mission to educate and uplift communities starting with what they put into their body, then their mind and finally their soul. A Communications graduate Monique has lived in the US and Italy and has travelled to over 15 countries. She feels her purpose is to walk the path less traveled and connect with others on the way. Her passion is with people.

Last School Attended: Florida International UniversityScholastic Achievements: BA in Communication Studies
Life’s Ambition: To educate, uplift, and lead by example.
Tell us about your volunteer work: I have donated to many charitable causes through 876 Volunteer these include: Marie Atkins Homeless Shelter and Sophie’s Place. Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why?
Providing safe spaces for women to open up, let go, challenge themselves and just be. What kind of change do you want to see in the world of women?
I want to see more community. More united efforts to uplift and push forward as a collective. What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?
Starting my own business

What qualities in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply these qualities to your time as Miss Universe Jamaica?

I am most proud of my tenacity, adaptability, and compassionate heart. I believe these qualities will enable me to educate others on the importance of one’s overall wellbeing, mindful consumption, and how it plays a role on physical and mental health. My tenacity will ensure that I make the impact I hope to make during my reign and really make a difference. It’s all about having a vision, the willpower to execute it and being open to all possibilities

Ashanti Findley

Ashanti Findley Contestant No. 3
Name: Ashanti Findley
Sash: Miss Caribbean Seafoods
Age: 18
Height: 5’6″

Ashanti Findley is a Gemini who is currently an upper-sixth student at Frome Technical High School, she is currently studying business and finance. Her hobbies include, furthering her acrobatic skills, exploring the marine life, and writing inspirational poetry. Her aspiration is to become a Pathologist and to create a platform through which female empowerment can be fostered.

Last School Attended: Manning’s HighScholastic Achievements: 9 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) passes & 4 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE)
Life’s Ambition: My life’s ambition is to acquire Pathological finesse at the adjournment of my academic path and to create a platform through which female empowerment can be fostered. Tell us about your volunteer work: I have worked with the Girl’s Guide Association in contributing food and have donated toiletry to various Boy’s and Girl’s Homes. I will also be working with the Women’s Centre. My goal is to uplift women and to encourage each individual to invest in leadership roles because there is no limit to what women can do in society at large
Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why? I am strongly invested in the movement of Feeding the Homeless hosted by The Salvation Army. Being engaged in such a dedicated platform through which individuals give a helping hand to the less fortunate I personally think that shows value and dignity and I am proud to be a part of this movement
What kind of change do you want to see in the world of women?
My vision for the world of women is for us to take up space in today’s society .
Take up and make ourselves useful in every leadership role there is because we are strong and there is nothing in this world that we as women cannot achieve. What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?
My proudest accomplishment is achieving all my qualifications (subjects) at the adjournment of my High school path. What qualities in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply these qualities to your time as Miss Universe Jamaica?
Among the vast qualities of which I am comprised, I have the utmost pride for the confidence I radiate, my personal growth and my philanthropic heart. In my capacity as Miss Universe Jamaica, I will indubitably apply these qualities throughout my tenure, for the betterment of young ladies like myself, and society as well. I intend to impart my confidence to young ladies that are lacking, to help them, through my own experiences and growth, attain a better outlook on life, to have a higher value of self appreciation, to show them that they are above average, a force to be reckoned with, and destined for great things. I’ve been at the mercy of low self-esteem myself, and overcoming such a hurdle was an arduous task but one of the most fulfilling. It is my wish to influence and inspire young ladies, to heal, to grow, and to achieve. Throughout my tenure, it is also my intention to exploit and embrace my philanthropic ambitions, by being an avid participant in various community outreach initiatives, inclusive of programs with the Women’s Center, as well as The Llandilo School of Special Education, which features disenfranchised females who are steadily and admirably paving the path to better future and mentally, emotionally, and physically queer children respectfully. I devote my passion for such ambitions, my time, and effort into these initiatives because I strongly believe that, I was given these qualities by God to further influence, inspire and aid others. I am given the privileged opportunity to serve as Miss Universe Jamaica West and prospective Miss Universe Jamaica, and as such I aim, in my capacity, to help create, a bigger, brighter, better Jamaica.

Abigail Pinnock

Abigail Pinnock Contestant No. 4
Name: Abigail Pinnock
Sash: Miss Bluedot Comuna
Age: 27
Height: 5’6″

A Veterinarian who has devoted 90% of her time to the wellness and welfare of animals in our society. She graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of West Indies in Trinidad & Tobago and has worked with large and small animals in Canada, USA, and Jamaica. She has a passion for empowering women, encouraging them to achieve their goals and striving to be the best version of themselves.Last School Attended: University of the West Indies (St. Augustine)
Scholastic Achievements: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M)
Life’s Ambition: To improve animal welfare in Jamaica.

Tell us about your volunteer work:  I work full time with the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA). It’s a Nonprofit charity organization. The organization is geared towards finding new homes for abandoned and abused animals as well as providing affordable, low cost veterinary care for animal owners who can’t afford full cost of treatment. They provide outreach programs to the Jamaican public educating them about animal welfare and carrying out spay and neuter clinics to reduce the stray dog and cat population. She is seeking donations to raise funds to purchase advanced diagnostic equipment to improve the standard of care offered at the JSPCA.

Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why?Improving human-animal relationships in our society. Enlightening people of the importance of taking care of God’s creatures.
What kind of change do you want to see in the world of women?
Gender equality in the workplace.
What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?
Finishing vet school

Briana Russell

Briana Russell Contestant No. 5
Name: Briana Russell
Sash: Miss Ktyler Beverly Hills
Age: 23
Height: 5’5″

Born and raised in St. Ann, Briana is a student of the UWI Mona. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Higher Educational Management and she serves as Director for the Maxfield Park Children’s Home. She believes that education is a powerful tool for empowerment and social mobility. Therefore, she is committed to ensuring that differently abled children, especially in State care, have the resources and opportunities necessary to harness their full potential. This commitment has shaped her goal to becoming a policymaker in the Ministry of Education. This will allow her to craft policies that contribute to a more inclusive, accessible, and innovative educational sector.

Last School Attended: The University of the West Indies, Mona

Scholastic Achievements: Top Performer in ‘Introduction to Political Institutions and Analysis’ in the department of Government Induction in the Aston Preston Hall Honours Society Chapter.

Life’s Ambition: Education is one tool that can address a myriad of social ills in today’s society. I believe all citizens must have access to quality education that is inclusive and innovative. This is why my ambition is to become a policy-maker in the education sector and contribute to the development of accessible, inclusive and innovative education in Jamaica, and by extension, the Caribbean.Tell us about your volunteer work:
1. I currently serve the Maxfield Park Children’s Home as Director.

2. In 2019, I co-coordinated the Hope Valley Experimental School Mentorship Programme and was a mentor for the Craig Town Mentorship Programme (Programmes of the Aston Preston Hall, UWI Mona). These programmes allowed us to impact youths through a series of academic and personal development workshops executed twice a week for a full academic year.

3. As a student leader on the 2019/2020 UWI Mona Guild Executive, I co-coordinated the execution of our annual “Back to School” programme – an initiative that served over 200 residents of the surrounding communities by way of free ‘school medicals’, school supplies and packages of food items and items for personal hygiene. This was done in partnership with large private corporations such as Grace Kennedy.

Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why? Globally, approximately 15% of a country’s population are differently-abled. Of that percentage, more than half are born differently-abled. It is important that all children are given equal opportunities to maximize their fullest potential in an inclusive society. As a Director of the Maxfield Park Children Home and having worked with children of the Hope Valley Experimental School, I understand the challenges that differently-abled children encounter. These challenges range from lack of appropriate resources and opportunities to a lack of self -empowerment. I think all children have the potential to become whoever they envision themselves to be regardless of their individual abilities. This is why I am committed to ensuring that differently-abled children, especially those in State Care, have access to resources and equal opportunities that would harness their full potential.

What kind of change do you want to see in the world of women? I would like society to normalize women occupying male-dominated fields. I think many women have been breaking archaic stereotypes as to who we can aspire to become and how far we can aspire to. In many countries, women continue to shatter the ‘glass ceiling’ and chart paths for young women in generations to come.What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?
My proudest personal accomplishment was being able to pay for my university accommodation without the help of my aunt. All my life, she has supported me all by herself. This was my way of easing some financial burden on her end and simultaneously nudging her to invest in her own experiences and enjoy life. What qualities in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply these qualities to your time as Miss Universe Jamaica?
I am most proud of my ability to be compassionate and empathetic. As a child, I did not have the privilege of being raised by either biological parent. In fact, at just 3 months, my auntie, Carlene, had to step in and be the parental figure I needed. As a mother and an early Childhood educator, she showed me the importance of compassion and empathy in the development of children. This is why I love working with children in State care- I understand their experience and the advantages of empathy and compassion in their nurturing (In a way, I want to be an “auntie Carlene” to each child). More importantly, as Miss Universe Jamaica in a time of social unrest and uncertainty, empathy and compassion will allow me to better represent, understand and uplift our diverse, global community. This is why these are the qualities I’m proudest of.

Lineisha Davis

Lineisha Davis Contestant No. 6
Name: Lineisha Davis
Sash: Miss Smart Stop Auto Supplies
Age: 23
Height: 5’5″

After graduating from UTECH equipped with a BSc. In Dental Hygiene with Upper second-class honors, she ventured immediately in the working world. Lineisha is a feminist and aspires to be a known advocate against sexual and domestic abuse. This is due to her experiences over the years, she has a strong belief, women need to empower each other and appreciate themselves without external validation: there needs to be equality amongst both sexes, as well as, victims of sexual and domestic abuse should be able to speak up without fear of being embarrassed, hurt and being ridiculed.

Last School Attended: University of TechnologyScholastic Achievements:
10 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), 7 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) & BSc. in Dental Hygiene with an Upper Second Class honors.
Life’s Ambition: My life’s ambition is to become a successful entrepreneur (have my own Dental Practice) and a devoted family woman. I aspire to be an advocate for feminism and against abuse especially sexual and domestic abuse.

Tell us about your volunteer work: From a tender age I always felt the need to give back in any way I could, from visiting the infirmary for church outreach to painting the classrooms on labour day in primary school. During my last two years at The Manning’s School, I volunteered at The Source in Savanna la Mar to help primary school students academically especially those about to sit GSAT. When I matriculated to the University of Technology, I jumped on the chance for any outreach programme I heard of hence why I am now a part of The Dental Hygiene Association of Jamaica (DHAJ). This association provides free dental care to rural communities. I am a dental hygienist so a part of my role is to provide preventative dental procedures.

Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why?

I believe many Jamaicans are unaware of how important Oral Health is. Many do not have access to visit the dentist, some cannot afford to pay for dental care and others are uneducated. As a Dental hygienist I have seen how these factors affect the oral health and overall health. This is why I became a member of DHAJ, however I want to extend my knowledge so that the understanding of how important a good oral health is can reach manyWhat kind of change do you want to see in the world of women?
“It is said that girls with dreams become women with vision. May we empower each other to carry out such vision- because it isn’t enough to simply talk about equality. One must believe it. And it isn’t enough to simply believe it. One must work at it. Let us work at it. Together. Starting now.” – Meghan Markle. I want to see women rise above sexist statements as to where they belong and create opportunities for our selves while displaying grace and humility. It is often said, “too many women working together is chaotic”, so, let us throw out that belief, prove this statement wrong. I want women to know we can do anything, just a little hard work and determination to make our mark. Let us strive to support each other and take our seats at the tables where we belong. Most importantly women should love themselves no matter their complexion, race, body type or social status, women must be highly confident without validation from anyone. What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?
My greatest personal accomplishment is attending and completing University in the time frame stated without failure of any courses despite the many personal obstacles I faced.

What qualities in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply these qualities to your time as Miss Universe Jamaica?A sedulous person is one who works assiduously and doesn’t give up easily. This along with being affable and compassionate are just a few qualities I possess and I’m most proud of. To wear the title of Miss Universe Jamaica would be an honor and a responsibility to never be taken lightly.
Should I become the next Miss Universe Jamaica I would use these qualities to inspire and empower our nation so that we can spread love, be the best versions of ourselves to build a flourishing Jamaica.

Alexia Royal-Eatmon

Alexia Royal-Eatmon Contestant No. 7
Name: Alexia Royal-Eatmon
Sash: Miss Ryhva Active
Age: 26
Height: 5’7″ Alexia Royal – Eatmon is a law student at Norman Manley Law School and works as a law intern at Nicholas Manley & Co. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and neuroscience from Williams College in Massachusetts and an LLB from The University of the West Indies. She is also a former national swimmer that has represented Jamaica in several international competitions.
Last School Attended: University of the West Indies and Williams College

Scholastic Achievements: I am a former national swimmer and I represented Jamaica internationally in many competitions, including the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Dehli India where I was the youngest athlete to qualify in all disciplines for Jamaica and had the wonderful opportunity of making the semi-finals. In high school, I was the recipient of the President’s Award for Academic Excellence. Additionally, I was on the dean’s list at Williams college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and biology. I also graduated with honors from the University of the West Indies with a bachelor’s degree in law.

Life’s Ambition: I studied law so that I could have a better understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, outside of the science behind it. I want to have a greater and positive impact on people.

Tell us about your volunteer work: Currently, I mentor through an organization called Ephlink where I help students by bridging the gap between graduating undergrad school and starting a job or graduate school. As someone against brain drain, my main focus is helping Caribbean students to successfully transition back into the working world or educational system.Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why?
Education is such an important asset to have as it formulates our views of the world around us and impacts the way that we are able to interact with one another. The lack of access to education has always been very close to my heart because I’ve seen the great impact of educational programs/organizations in society. This is why I am a part of the Ephlink project. What kind of change do you want to see in the world of women?
I want to see more unification of women in society. We can be so powerful when we come together, celebrate and uplift one another. What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?
Graduating with honors from the accelerated law program at the University of the West Indies. What qualities in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply these qualities to your time as Miss Universe Jamaica?
The quality that first comes to my mind is my compassion. I’ve always had a big heart and with that always looked for opportunities where I could be of service. It’s with that drive that I am the founder of my own initiative TutorFreeJamaica that works to bridge the educational divide in Jamaica.

Additionally, I think of my adaptability as I’ve learnt that not everything will go as planned. I might be going through things in my personal life or something as sudden and catastrophic as a pandemic occurs. It’s in those circumstances that have really pushed me to continually find strength in my vulnerability and to never back down from my goals because of fear.

As miss universe, I know these qualities will keep me be grounded, driven and discipline in continually being that role model for young girls, my community and my country. I want to make sure that in every situation I represent the values of the brand and ultimately have a meaningful and impactful reign.

Shanique Thompson

Shanique Thompson Contestant No. 8
Name: Shanique Thompson
Sash: Miss Maxeff Motors
Age: 23
Height: 5’7″

Shanique Thompson currently holds a BSc degree in Business Administration, who is currently employed to Barita Investments Limited in Mandeville. She is the reigning Miss Universe Jamaica Central.

Last School Attended: Northern Caribbean UniversityScholastic Achievements: Bsc Business Administration
Life’s Ambition: It is my aspiration to own a brokerage firm in Jamaica, because financial literacy for me is an important aspect of life. It is my aim to make Jamaica a better place financially which in turn would lead to better spending and investing habits.
Tell us about your volunteer work:
Sewing is a craft that i am very passionate about, because of the Covid-19 spike it promoted me to sew and distribute mask to individuals in my community who could not afford it. During this pandemic i donated hygienic supplies to Hanbury Home in Manchester. Currently I am raising funds to put electricity in my hometown Newcombe Valley in St Elizabeth. This is a project i am very passionate because i was raised under those circumstances. Therefore, it is my desire to alleviate this burden for the children and families in the community now.
Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why?
Giving the opportunity to children who are from underprivileged homes the chance to be educated is a cause that is very important to me. Education is the most powerful tool to change the circumstances you are now living in. Therefore, this is why it is important to me that very child gets the necessary resources to be educated. What kind of change do you want to see in the world of women?
I would love to see women embrace and support each other more. What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?
I am proud of my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. My parents nor grandparent didn’t have the opportunity, which is why I am grateful I did.

What qualities in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply these qualities to your time as Miss Universe Jamaica?

The quality I admire is my perseverance. Regardless of my situation I always aim to aspire to inspire and impact those who I want to understand the essence and importance of never giving up and working assiduously to ascertain any goal you have. I’m honored to have been the first person in my family to graduate from university and I was also raised in a community with no electricity, against all odds I persevered. Today I want people around the world to keep pushing and persevere.

Miqueal-Symone Williams

Miqueal-Symone Williams Contestant No. 9
Name: Miqueal-Symone Williams
Sash:Miss Qorihc
Age: 23
Height: 5’10.5″ Miqueal-Symone was born and raised in St.Andrew, Jamaica. She attended the Immaculate Conception High School and then went on to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the University of the West Indies. At the age of 21, she began her career as a model, traveling to the UK, Paris, Spain, and New York. Miqueal-Symone has a passion for inspiring and supporting children and teenagers. She believes that at this impressionable age, it is important for youth to feel loved, included and inspired.
Last School Attended: The University of the West Indies (Jamaica)

Scholastic Achievements: BSc.in Marketing & Psychology Hons. (Double Major)

Life’s Ambition: To demonstrate to people that are inspired by me, that your wildest dreams are possible, simply because it is your dream. My life’s ambition is to help as many people as possible, realize their life’s ambition. I want to encourage persons to be active in their groups and communities. If you want to change the world, start with one person, one thing, one dream. And then you will realize that you are already being the change.

Tell us about your volunteer work: I volunteered to help young children do homework with internet access provided by the immaculate conception church – 2016-2017

I participated at several soup kitchens at the immaculate conception church – 2017 – 2018

Over the years I have volunteered at several beach clean ups and bottle drives to clean up plastic bottles from our beaches and roads.Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why?
Supporting and encouraging children in homes & orphanages. My mother died tragically when I was 20 years old. I am 23 now and sometimes I still feel lost without her, I cannot imagine how it is for children and teenagers who may have lost or been abandoned by both parents. It is so important that these children know that they are still loved and cared for. They are still important and highly valued. What kind of change do you want to see in the world of women?
I want women to not have to ask for the same things every year. I would love for women to have equal opportunities, consideration and pay as our male counterparts. I want to see persons, organizations and groups stop policing women’s bodies and choosing to determine when it is and is not appropriate to see a woman’s body and deciding a woman’s worth based on what she chooses to wear. I want women to have these positive experiences so the next time a woman is asked this question; she can say something like “I want low rise jeans to make a comeback” instead of fighting for her right to be herself. What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?
In addition to successfully completing my studies, I am proud to have been able to travel the world as a model by myself, especially to those countries where I do not know or speak the language. It has given me a greater appreciation for my country, especially when I tell people I am from Jamaica and I see their faces light up and they become so expressive! That makes me burst with pride!

What qualities in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply these qualities to your time as Miss Universe Jamaica?

I am most proud of my capacity to be compassionate and my ability to inspire.I always try to show kindness and compassion towards people regardless of how their situation appears. We tend to have a narrow view of what someone who deserves compassion looks like. It might be a specific financial situation, living situation, family situation but I believe regardless of who you are, what you’ve done or your circumstances, we are all deserving of compassion.
I have been given the unique opportunity to stand before you as a confident dark skinned woman. However, the journey to get here has not been easy; when I was younger, I didn’t see many dark-skinned women represented in the media and this caused me to think that I wasn’t beautiful or desirable. I know that many young women and men in Jamaica may feel the same way. I hope for them to see me and to feel represented. The Miss Universe Tag line is confidently beautiful, I believe I can inspire the youth of Jamaica to not only see themselves as beautiful and worthy but also to be confident in who they are and what they represent.

Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams Contestant No. 10
Name: Samantha Williams
Sash: Miss Acropolis Gaming Lounge
Age: 26
Height: 6′

A television presenter who enjoys and cherishes the time spent with the people she cares for. She grew up around strong women and is the eldest of two daughters for her mom. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and is a lover of bright colors, fantastic nature views and good music.

Last School Attended: The University of the West Indies

Scholastic Achievements: BA in Journalism (Hons)

Life’s Ambition: One of my main goals in life is to be able to secure financial stability for my mother. I’d also love to be a lead TV station anchor. I’m passionate about being more informed regarding Women’s health after losing my Grandmother in 2016, so the goal is to be a volunteer or a board member for a company that focuses on women’s health & empowerment. So far, I’ve been researching to have a proper foundation to see where I best fit

Tell us about your volunteer work: Since working at Supreme, I’ve been a volunteer of their Foundation. Before the pandemic we were able to host over a 100 children on a day out from several children home around Kingston area. Outside of work, I help to organize sponsorship for kids who are in financial difficulties so we reach out to those who can potentially help and they essentially ‘sponsor’ the child; food, clothing, mentorship etc.Is there a specific cause that is close to your heart? And why?
I am passionate about children and their education. I believe this love came from me taking a year from school to work while helping with my baby sister at home because my mother had to leave for work. Now, I am more concerned about the children who don’t have access to
Wi-Fi for schooling during the pandemic. My grandmother suddenly passed away in 2016, from what the doctors said showed signs of thyroid cancer. I always knew of cancer and how it affects families across the globe. Being a part of that number really made me take my life and health seriously. I’ve donated to the Jamaica cancer society anonymously and also have urged others to do the same What kind of change do you want to see in the world of women?
I believe in equality and fairness. I believe young girls should be taught from an early age that they matter, they’re equal and just as capable as their male counterpart. We should be reminded that we are the backbone of society and without us there is no man. I want to see women walking into rooms and commanding the attention they deserve without having to think that they have to work twice as hard to be seen. Our voices, opinions and thoughts are valid. What is your proudest personal accomplishment (Not pageant related)?
Obtaining my Degree in Journalism. I struggled in school after my grandmother’s passing but I remained steadfast that I’d accomplish this for myself, her and my family. Having an internship with Supreme Ventures. After the internship, I secured my dream job to be a Presenter for the company. What qualities in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply these qualities to your time as Miss Universe Jamaica?
The qualities that I am most proud of in myself Is the ability to put the needs of others before my own without thinking twice. I was raised by two strong, kind hearted women who taught me that helping others should be as easy as breathing. I have proudly adapted this quality from a young age and I believe it’s important to have a listening ear and a helping hand to those in need. If I become your next Miss Universe, I will ensure that I will remain a Queen with a heart filled with compassion, as I will no longer be representing myself but you. Through me your voices will be heard and your causes dealt with the best way possible.

Last year winner was Miss. Zozibini Tunzi (born 18 September 1993) is a South African model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe 2019. Tunzi had previously been crowned Miss South Africa 2019. She is the third woman from South Africa to win the title, and the first black woman since Angolan Leila Lopes was crowned Miss Universe 2011

Yendi Amira Phillipps

Yendi Amira Phillipps

Jamaica last successful compete was in 2010 with Yendi Phillipps. She was crowned Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 on 3 July 2010, and represented Jamaica at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant in Las Vegas on 23 August 2010 run by Donald Trump. Phillipps scored the highest in swimsuit and came in second in evening gown, entering the final question round in second place with a score of 8.884. She became the first runner up behind Mexico.

The final will be Live Streaming On Miss Universe Jamaica Website due To Covd 19 Protocol. It will be done in a studio like setting Nov 28, 2020.

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