Shenseea, I did not approve nude and retouch cover

According to DancehallMag, Shenseea is not happy with her overly retouch and nude cover of the Numéro & Numéro Homme Netherlands. Shenseea, apparently, posted on her Instagram story that she felt violated. She wrote, “I literally feel violated! My whole privacy! I have never showed that much skin on the net ever!” This comes after many viewers didn’t seem to have a positive comment of the cover. One of Jamaica live viewer wrote, “that all they see in her. I knew this was where it was heading. This is what you call by any means”.

“This is not my image or who I even portray to be. I did not approve that damm photo! I’m not even upset…. I’m hurt!!! Honestly!” said Shenseea. The cover photo by Nikolai Kokanovic, which is said to now been pulled by the magazine, Sheneesa looked slimmer with floor-length hair, styled by Lisa Jarvis. Her upper body and waist, in particular, were clearly edited to look more angular and smaller.

Jamaica Live can confirm the nude cover is still on the Numéro & Numéro Homme Netherlands Facebook page, despite been said to be pulled by the magazine.

“Idgaf how big or small the magazine is. This is never happening to me again!” she continued. “That’s some BULLSH-T! And on top [it] off that edit is shit! Doesn’t even look like me. Once I start feeling like I don’t have control over my own career..I WILL END IT! My integrity and my peace matters to me”.~Shenseea.

She went on to say, “I’m such a cool person but people really been showing me I need to be a b-tch frfr! I hardly got rest and still showed up to that shoot, did 3 interviews during glam of that shoot, went above the number of looks I was told I would be doing FOR THAT SHOOT! I was tired as f-ck doing that shoot! And this is what I f-cking get????” she continued.“This is the First and LAST time this will ever happen to me! Then when artists change into BEASTS y’all complain! I don’t even spazz on the net!! This shit disrespectful dawg!”

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