Fire Fighter Leo Bennet Climb down to cheering crowds

Jamaica Fire Brigade Sergeant Leo Bennet climb down from the top of the Transport Center in Half Way Tree to cheering crowds.

He explained his gripes with the government highlighting three main points of contention. In an earlier video Bennet climbed to the top of the Transport Center in Half Way Tree without any safety harness. Early Tuesday morning Bennet attracted the attention of the Jamaican public, shouting no surrender, no retreat, and we need a better Jamaica. He explained he was protesting what he says are unfair working practices for firefighters from the government.

Bennet who was on the highest point of the transit center said he was at his lowest depth in feelings because for some time now firefighters have been pleading for better practices within the Jamaica Fire Brigade with no avail.

He said he is highlighting the need for welfare for the Fire Fighters. There was an initiative by authorities to bring him down but the eventually came down on his own where he spoke to the media.

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