Duchess Fergie Spoke To Oprah Winfrey In 1996 About Life In The Palace

Prince Harry is not the only Royal in recent times to dish about life in the Palace. In 1996 Sarah, Duchess of York, popularly known as Fergie and the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, spoke to Oprah Winfrey about life in Buckingham Palace.

At the time Fergie moved to the United States trying to create a life for herself away from the Royal Family. She was divorced from Andrew and was said to allegedly have had financial problems. She was lambasted by the British Press and was sidelined by the Royal Family.

In August 1992, the British Tabloid Daily Mirror published surreptitiously taken photographs of John Bryan, an American financial manager, sucking on the Duchess’s toes as she sunbathed topless. The Duchess endured widespread public ridicule, contributing to her further estrangement from the British Royal Family. She was eventually silenced by the Firm.

In 1996 the The Irish Times wrote, No shock as “vulgarian” Fergie leaves the royal fold. Lord Charteris, Queen Elizabeth’s former private secretary, famously described the Duchess of York: “A vulgarian … vulgar, vulgar, vulgar.”

“Free loading and free living Fergie” may well have been “kicked out” of the Royal Family yesterday but palace officials fear her antics will continue to dominate the headlines, particularly as the Duchess of York described her divorce as “only a piece of paper”. She promised, or perhaps threatened, that she will remain the “best of friends” with her husband.

In her Interview with Oprah, Duchess Meghan said Fergie is the one who taught her curtsy minutes before she met the Queen. In this Interview, Fergie echoed the same sentiments Harry and Meghan told Oprah in their Interview.

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