Stop asking motorist for money to let them go

Good day,

I live in America, and I work for the court system. I have visited Jamaica seven times and have been stopped every time by the police for no violation at all. The police want dollars and then let you go. This type of behavior that is allowed to happen and reason the Jamaican people don’t respect the police. STOP the “side of the street stops” and go after the high speed and crazy drivers. Show the people that violations of the road will not be tolerated and no dollars can be exchanged for letting them go.

I have also noticed police get paid off for responding to parties for loud noises and allowing the party to continue if they get paid off. People are dying because the police need to start enforcing the law and stop all the crazy fast drivers out there and punish them as needed.

Taxi drivers will slow down if they lose their licenses to drive.

Sign-anonymous reader

NB: We are not accusing the police in the photograph of violating the laws.

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