Jamaica Labour Party Talking Points-Vote us out and you will be sorry

Prime Minister Andrew Holness have yet to announced a date for the next General Election. According to Holness “Elections must be a routine, they must be very short and orderly and seamless and then you get back to business. But there are those who want to use elections to disrupt progress. So let me just say to you, my mind is not on election.”

Nevertheless, one cannot deny that Jamaica is in election mood and both parties are campaigning for the upcoming election which is constitutionally due in 2025.
One of the prevailing theme coming out of the Jamaica Labour Party is that not only they are sure to win the next election, it is that Jamaica would make a big mistake to vote them out.

Daryl Wesley Phillip Vaz Labour MP for Portland Western

According to the Jamaica Gleaner, MP for Portland Western Daryl Vaz, with an amount of certainty, declared that “If Jamaica and the electorate ever make the mistake fi even think about reversing the gains that we have made, it will be the biggest travesty in the history of Jamaica.” While declaring that he does not put his “mouth a grung and talk”.

Addressing the Labour Party (JLP) Area Council 1 meeting at the Lodge Hall in Kingston on Sunday, the Portland Western member of parliament emphasised that it is important for the country, which he says is on a path to recovery, to stay the course. 

“…Things may be hard, inflation is ravaging us, but that is not a Jamaica issue, that is a worldwide issue, but we have to make sure and do what we need to do to protect the most vulnerable. 

“As far as I am concerned we lost three years out of the second term and if Jamaica is smart they will give us back those three years to continue the work of Andrew Holness and the JLP,” he added. 

Jamaica Gleaner

Similar sentiment was echoed by General Secretary Dr Horace Chang who stated that “We want to assure the prime minister that we will be celebrating the 81st year in government, the 82nd year in government, the 83rd year in government, the 84th year in government, the 86th year in government, the 87th year in government.” According to the Jamaica Gleaner, Dr Horace Chang has pledged that Andrew Holness will continue to lead the party and serve as prime minister until its 90th anniversary.

“The Labour Party is celebrating 80 years as a successful party and eight years in government,” Chang said. He was addressing the Jamaica Labour Party supporters at the Homer Davis-led St James Southern constituency conference at Anchovy High School on Sunday October 29.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness, gave a stern warning to the people of Jamaica. He predicted that Jamaica would be in dire problems if they hand over the country to the opposition People’s National Party.

“It is not a wise move to even consider allowing the PNP to even put a hand on the management of the economy,” warned Prime Minister Andrew Holness at a political meeting Sunday. He argued that evidence of his administration’s competence was on show during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Taking into account the proposition of letting the PNP partake in the country’s financial machinations is nothing short of folly,” cautioned Premier Andrew Holness during a political conference . He articulated that the proof of his government’s competency was laid bare during the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, many Jamaicans are fed up with the Jamaica Labour Party and the Andrew Holness government. They see these statements as one of a dictatorial government. They believed it is time for the Jamaica Labour Party to exist office. They argued that Holness had promise they would be able to sleep with their doors open, yet the crime rate had skyrocketed under his watch.
They pointed out his handling of the COVID pandemic and felt he put the Jamaican public under extreme pressure and disregarded the cries of people who didn’t feel the need to take the vaccines.

Many Jamaicans also are fedup with the water crisis, which is reported by Jamaica Live. They are also concerned with what they see as blatant corruption in government with little regards for the intelligence of the Jamaican people.

Primrose Rhoden~You pleaing with the jamaican people mr sir your pleaing will soon go unanswered

Fgee Smith~You can fool some of the people all the while but you cannont fool all the.people all the while

Carleisha Whittaker~ Head ago roll begging caa help you TIME COME

Andrew Holness was voted in because the Jamaican electorate saw him as the change that Jamaica needed. Nevertheless, many Jamaicans argue they feel cheated by Holness and therefore lost trust in him

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