Jamaica hold top 8 position in the world for women bosses

According to the World Economic Forum, Jamaica hold the top eight spot whereby you could most likely have a woman for your boss. Jamaica and Belize hold the eight spot together in the world for this amazing accomplishment. The African country, Togo hold the top position with more than 70 percent of all managerial positions filled by women in 2017.

This chart shows the countries with the highest percentages of female managers in 2020.
Image: Statista

Nigeria and Jordan respectively 64.4% and 60.3%.

According to the report, the highest-ranking European country is Belarus in rank 13, with 50.5 percent of female managers. Generally, Eastern European countries and former Soviet Republics score high in the ranking as do African and Caribbean nations. African and Caribbean countries women are more likely to have managerial jobs than in other parts of the world, according to the International Labor Organization. Women are most likely to hold managerial positions in human resources, administration, finance, marketing, or public relations.

The finding were released by the International Labor Organization. 

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