Dennis Meadows: I am going nowhere

In a defiant speech, Meadows contradicted Mark Golding saying he ain’t going nowhere.

Despite accepting he should be held accountable; Meadows claim the small portion of video circulated on social media was not the correct representation of what he meant.

According to Meadows, he was telling choppas not to let government exploit them even though it was clear Dennis Meadows was making reference to people oversees when the suggested “they chopped us during slavery” so it is okay to chop them back.

There seems to be little remorse in Meadow’s statement; he blamed his comment on the possibility of having a little drink. He claimed he is not angry with Golding, but he is disappointed.

Dennis Meadows’ speech highlights the informal and chaotic practices of Mark Golding’s government. The casual manner of a recent press conference not only challenges Golding’s leadership but also contradicts his commitment to maintaining a government free of corruption.

Despite being ousted as the People’s National Party’s interim candidate for Trelawny North, Meadows stands firm. He asserts with unwavering certainty that he remains the constituency’s caretaker and has no intention of stepping aside.

Dennis Meadows, the People’s National Party (PNP) provisional candidate for North Trelawny, was removed from his position due to controversial comments he made recently. Meadows, who joined PNP in October and rose to the position of chairman for the North Trelawny constituency, seemed to condone lottery scamming, a serious national security issue in Jamaica.

Speaking at a PNP meeting in Trelawny, he stated, “Let me tell you straight up, and me can speak openly, I have no problem with a man if him want chop because dem chop us during slavery, so nut’n no wrong if wi chop dem back…nut’n nuh wrong wid weh yah do,” This term ‘chop’ is commonly used in Jamaica in reference to lottery scamming.

PNP President Mark Golding issued a statement indicating Meadows’ comments made his continuation as a candidate untenable. Golding emphasized that the party demands higher standards of accountability and will not tolerate weak, unprincipled leaders. The ousting of Meadows is seen as a precedent under Golding’s leadership. Despite the controversy, Meadows remains as the chairman for the constituency.

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