Dennis Meadows Removed as PNP Provisional Candidate after saying he has no problem with choppas (Lottery scamming)

In a video posted in social media on Wednesday, People’s National Party’s candidate for Member of Parliament for Trelawny North, turncoat Dennis Meadows, said he has no problem with “choppas”, a local term used for lotto scammers.

“Let me tell you straight up, and I can speak openly, I have no problem with a man if him want chop, because dem chop us during slavery so nutten nuh wrong if we chop dem back!” declared Meadows to cheers from supporters at a recent political party meeting. 

The former Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) senator, who switched to the PNP, then encouraged people who are “chopping” that “when yuh bingo and yuh score, use the money wisely; set up yuh self, open a business, mek sure mommy look good, mek sure yuh babymother look good, but don’t tek the money and use Hennessy wash car.” ~ Loop News

Lottery scamming is responsible for some of the most brutal and violent crimes in Jamaica until the United States stepped in to cripple the practice.

After a public outcry for Party Leader Mark Golding to sack Meadows, Golding issued a statement that Meadows has been removed as party’s provisional candidate for North Trelawny.

Meadows has apologised, saying he “unequivocally” withdrawn the comments he made, purportedly endorsing the practice of lottery scamming. The comments, according to the politician, were made on the final leg of the recently concluded local government campaign trail and were made in response to the “deluge” of funds being “corruptly” spent by his opponents.

“I pledge to exercise greater responsibility moving forward,” said Meadows in response to the mounting outrage relative to his seeming endorsement of scamming activities. But that was not enough. The egregious statement shows criminal intent and with the high crime rate already plaguing Jamaica, Mark Golding had to show he is serious on addressing the issue.

The President of the People’s National Party (PNP), Mark Golding, announces that Mr. Dennis Meadows has been removed as the party’s provisional candidate for North Trelawny.

PNP Leader Mark Golding stated “Cde Meadows’ continuation as the candidate is untenable in light of his egregious remarks on the platform, given that scamming is one of Jamaica‘s most serious national security challenges. Let this precedent be a warning to all who serve in the PNP under my leadership. We are demanding higher standards of accountability. Jamaica will no longer tolerate weak, unprincipled leaders who say one thing but do another. Jamaicans deserve better, and I will give it to them.”

We extend our gratitude to Mr. Meadows for his contributions during his time as the PNP’s provisional candidate, and wish him the best in his future endeavours.

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