Cindy Breakspeare Story Have Never Been Told

Following the debut of the Bob Marley Movie, Cindy Breakspeare’s stepdaughter, Jana Bent, boldly shared her thoughts on the movie’s poster as well as a photograph of Rita Marley. Her commentary has added a compelling layer of perspective to the narrative, providing audiences with a more enriched understanding of Bob Marley’s legacy.

According to Bent, she was looking forward to seeing the movie and claimed it is petty for the Marleys
to still be threatened by Cindy Breakspeare. She tells the Marleys to GET OVER IT! And said Cindy Breakspeare will have the last laugh. Dem a go TIYAD!! She said.

Bent is the daughter of Cindy Breakspeare’s second husband, Rupert Bent II.
Jana Bent identifies herself as a backing vocalist, singer, and choreographer for Damian Marley, Julian Marley, Shaggy, Junior Marvin of the Wailers, Third World and a number of other Reggae acts.

According to Jana Bent, we think we know. She don’ t think so. Hollywood Romance, she said. One would think Jana Bent would be riding with her father, who himself is a prominent musician. Instead, she has decided to ride the Bob Marley’s coattail and the Marley train.

According to Bent, Cindy Breakspeare story has never been told. Time now, she wrote. She went on to say, women supporting women, judge not and “you think you know?”.

Bent did not stop there. She admonished the Marley’s claiming the wrote Cindy’s story in Bob’s movie script and invited her to be an integral part of the process, honouring that they called, her special relationship with Bob. They asked her to be part of the process and even the a part of the decision making on the actress selection. She said Cindy was on set for three months of filming extensive parts of the movie and at the last minute they cut her scene out.

She went on to say Bob was not an innocent victim and claimed he loved Cindy and and their relationship does not fit the narrative of Cindy being a side chick.

Many people on social media are wondering why Cindy Breakspeare continue to taunt the Marley’s and believe it is time for her to move on.
urbanmsha113 wrote, I’m so glad the Marley image likeness and brand cannot be used without them signing off on it. They made so many smart decisions. Cedilla and Ziggy are doing an excellent job. Bless

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