Craig Powell who is a COVID-19 survivor shared his story with Dr.Christopher Tufton.He plead with people to take the vaccine.

According to Powell, since he recovered from COVID, he no longer get a morning erection. He claim he also cannot last that long during sex and he is suffering from an erectile dysfunction at 25 years old. 

Craig Powell who is a COVID-19 survivor

In the video posted on Minister Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton Instagram Page, Powell told viewers he had and erection every morning since he was 10 years old. But since his recovery from the COVID-19 virus, he no longer get the ‘morning hood”, no more morning erections and his penis doesn’t stand up anymore.

Dr. Chris Tufton applauded him for sharing his story, “Thanks Craig for sharing your COVID-19 story. It takes a brave man to share his story. Thank you Craig. Hoping that all will be encouraged to take the vaccine and we will continue to pray for Craig’s full recovery!”, Tufton said

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