Security forces in Niger foiled an attempt to smuggle croissants in the French embassy

The new Niger government has ordered police to expel France’s ambassador and they were ordered to leave the country within 48 hours.

The visas of French ambassador Sylvain Itté and his family have been cancelled and police are instructed to expel the envoy, the government said in a statement dated Aug 29.

Nevertheless, the ambassador refused to leave Niger and have continued to order food deliveries to the embassy grounds in the capital city of Niamey.

Members of the military police of Niger, reportedly stopped a car and the vehicle was found with large amounts of croissants which is said to be for the employees of the French Embassy.

The attempt to smuggle the banned item was foiled earlier today and was confiscated by the police.

According to Reuters, French President Emmanuel Macron said the ambassador would stay in Niger and reiterated France’s support for Niger’s ousted president Mohamed Bazoum and said the new government of Niger have no power to expel the French ambassador.

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