Marella Cruises Possible Ban For Jamaican Travelers

The Nationwide News are reporting that Marella Cruises have banned Jamaicans from travelling on its cruises. According to the report, Marella Cruises says the decision was made after 17 Jamaican nationals, who were on the Marella Discovery 2, attempted to abscond in Belize on Monday.

Jamaica Live have reached out to a prominent cruise agent in Jamaica who confirms there is pause on bookings with Marella Cruises but they are waiting confirmation if it has anything to do with the current media reports.

British cruise line, Marella Cruises

Jamaica Live has inside information that Jamaicans are in fact using Belize as a stay over in their trip to the United States Border. We understands that Jamaicans go to Panama, then take a 25 minutes boat ride to Belize City and from there to Mexico. They have their contacts acquired Mexico visa which they used to enter the City and then on to the United States Border.

Nationwide News states that the advisory was sent to cruise agents on Tuesday February 21 informing them about the move to prohibit Jamaicans. The advisory noted that 17 Jamaicans who were on the Marella Discovery 2, attempted to abscond in Belize last Monday. It said in total, seven people absconded, while some were held by the police and returned to the ship.

Despite the advisory, Executive Director of Jamaica Vacations in the Ministry of Tourism with responsibility for airlift and cruise, Joy Roberts says an official decision is yet to be made~Nationwide

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