Man Shot In Busy Kingston Street

According to the report from Kamla The Ripe Mango, two bike men allegedly rode up and shot a man this morning in Cross Roads by the Tax Office. It is reported that the man who is identified Cpl Campbell aka Shortie from 1 ER (truck driver n RP) was shot by 2 bike riders and bag with money was allegedly stolen.

In the video, you can see a man clad in white T-shirt and blue jeans got out of a car. He walked himself as if he was okay. After a few steps he began to stumble and fell to the ground. He was helped up by patrons who rushed him into an awaiting car. They urged the driver to bring him to Nuttal Hospital. Nuttal is unfortunately a private hospital and he may not be able to get treatment there. The main hospital which is Public Hospital is long away from the where the incident happened.

He was reportedly shot 5 times in his back. The incident happened across from the Nuttall Hospital in Kingston.

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