Woman Gangster killed in a hail of bullets

The woman who has been identified as 32-year-old Sudeen Hylton was said to have been shot 40 times by unknown assailants. According to reports, Hylton was killed at her business location in Darliston, Westmoreland, on Thursday.

The commanding officer for Area One Police, ACP Clifford Chambers, says she was directly affiliated with a gang operating in St. James. ACP Chambers told Nationwide News that the deceased woman was the aunt of the leader of one of the gangs operating in the Glendevon area.

32-year-old Sudeen Hylton

ACP Chambers has confirmed that the individual in question was taken into custody and faces charges of murder. Subsequent to her arrest, she was granted conditional bail, which included the stipulation that she must not enter the Parish. Despite these conditions, there has been information suggesting that she breached the terms by visiting the Parish. Regarding the media reports claiming that the individual was shot more than 40 times, ACP Chambers stated that he could not verify the accuracy of these claims.

He said she is absolutely the leader of a gang

Head of Police Area One, ACP Clifford Chambers

According to the police, In August of 2021, Sudeen Hylton, thirty years old at the time and of a Beverly Hills address in Hendon Norwood in St. James was charged with the murder of thirty-five-year-old Richard Baker otherwise called ‘Jimmy’, a labourer of Dallas, Glendevon, in the parish who was shot and killed on the Salt Spring Main road on Thursday, August 12.

Reports from the St. James Police are that about 6:00 p.m., Baker was driving his white Toyota Crown motorcar and stopped to make checks on his vehicle, when a white Toyota Axio drove up beside him and opened gunfire in his direction.

Baker, who was still able to operate his motorcar, drove in the direction of policemen who were in the vicinity; he was assisted to the service unit and was able to assist in the capturing of the culprit, who was still in the area. He was then taken to the hospital where he was treated and later succumbed to his injuries.

On Sunday August 15, Hylton was charged after an interview in the presence of her attorney. Hylton was offered bail in the sum of $1 million during her first appearance before the St James Parish Court.

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