The Integrity Commission of Jamaica issued Public Notice for MP Robert Chin

The Integrity Commission of Jamaica (ICJ) has formally summoned Mr. Robert Chin, the Member of Parliament for Manchester Southern, to present himself at its headquarters.

An announcement regarding the summons was disseminated through a Public Notice. This development occurs in the midst of a political contest, with Senator Peter Bunting declaring his candidacy for the Manchester Southern constituency in the forthcoming general election, which is scheduled to occur by constitutional mandate in 2025.

Mr. Chin has conveyed that he has been in active communication with the ICJ for several months regarding the submission of financial disclosures for certain businesses where he holds a directorship role.

According to Mr. Chin, the requisite financial statements from these businesses have not been finalized. Nevertheless, he has affirmed his commitment to comply with the ICJ’s requirements and has scheduled to appear at the office of the ICJ on Monday, March 25, 2024.

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