Texas Senator Bob Hall Attempts to Stop All Required Vaccinations in Proposed Bill

According to MEDIKA, Senator Bob Hall from Edgewood is leading an effort in the Texas legislative session to stop mandatory vaccinations throughout the State. Senate Bill 1669 seeks to stop any state-mandated vaccinations, not just the Covid-19 vaccines. Senator Hall is not proposing limitations on vaccines approved by the FDA emergency use authorization. SB 1669 seeks to stop all vaccination requirements.

There are currently no bills or legislative moves to mandate Covid-19 vaccination on the state or federal level in the United StatesNevertheless, some countries around the world are mandating vaccines ID card. One will need the card to enter many places. Colleges and University in New Jersey and New York have mandated vaccines for in class learning.

The report stated that if Senator Bob Halls’s bill passes, all vaccines will become optional. The lives of children, hospitalized patients, people in nursing homes, and those who are immunosuppressed would be placed in jeopardy as infectious diseases could run wild without herd immunity.

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) has come out in strong opposition to SB 1669. An email from TMA President Dr. Diana L. Fite stated:

  • “SB 1669 will set Texas back decades, if not more, when vaccination rates plummet, and infectious diseases have the opportunity to spread unchecked, potentially jeopardizing the lives of Texans.”
  • “SB 1669 will crater the Texas economy when once-eliminated contagious diseases return, forcing the shutdown of businesses that are just beginning to rebound from the global COVID-19 recession. Schools will be forced to close, stranding children without vital education and social development. Elderly loved ones will sit neglected and alone in their residential facilities.”
  • “SB 1669 will maroon immunocompromised Texans at home and rob them of their livelihoods and individual liberties. It simply will not be safe to be around anyone who is not vaccinated.”

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