Mitch McConnell freezes during Press Conference

According to Associated Press, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell briefly left his own press conference on Wednesday after stopping his remarks mid-sentence and staring off into space. Mitch, 81, froze for several seconds and appeared to be disoriented.

Social media are inundated with questions as to why so many old people who seem not to be able function effectively are making decisions on what goes on in America and subsequently, the world. Many argues that whatever decisions are made in Washington, they are without doubt affect the rest of the world. There are also calls for term limits as many argues, President Biden, frequently dazed out, mumble and seem disorientated as well.

According to the report, McConnell approached the podium for his weekly press conference and began speaking about the annual defense bill on the floor, which he said was proceeding with “good bipartisan cooperation.” But he then appeared to lose his train of thought, trailing off with a drawn-out “uh.”

The Kentucky senator then appeared to freeze up and stared vacantly for around 20 seconds before his colleagues in Republican leadership, who were standing behind him escorted him back to his office.

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