Man in voice-note threatening woman arrested

The Gleaner is reporting that the man heard on voice-note threatening a woman have been arrested. According to the report, the police acknowledged the man was picked up in St Catherine this afternoon and is being interviewed.

Earlier today the Jamaica Constabulary Force released a statement that it has commenced a probe into a viral voice note where a man is heard threatening a woman, referred to as “Denise”, to kill her. The investigation began immediately after the Constabulary received the voice note. Members of the public are also being reminded that threats are treated as extremely serious incidents by the JCF and encourage those who are receiving threats to make a formal report to the police.

In the voicenote you can hear the man telling the woman he will make sure she never sell a Ochi Rios Market again. He spoke about how much money he spent on her and how hurt he is. The man who identified in the voicenote as Peter told the woman if it cost him his life he will kill her.

He said after the three weeks lock up he will kill her.

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