Leak Voice Note of Jah Cure Waiting To Stab Papa

A voice note that is allegedly from Jah Cure explaining he is waiting stab promoter Nicardo ‘Papa’ Blake last year in Dam Square, Amsterdam. The person in the voice note which is said to be Jah Cure explains he is waiting to stab Papa 60,000 times. He said he is in the middle of Amsterdam Square with some killers. He said he is ashamed to tell the information and he knows it is stupid.

But he said he is waiting to fix Papa “good” and he has the knife himself. He said he is not there to make comedy show or a movie but he is there to star a real fucking Live Show.

Alleged Voice Note from Jah Cure

Reggae singer Jah Cure has been sentenced to six years in prison in the Holland for attempted manslaughter.

“The 43-year old man was sentenced to six years in prison – with credit for time served – for attempted manslaughter. The court finds him not guilty of attempted murder. His claim of self-defence was rejected by the court,” Franklin Wattimena, a press officer of the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, told DancehallMag.

According to the report, Jah Cure, whose real name is Siccaturie Alcock, stabbed event promoter Nicardo ‘Papa’ Blake, 45, on October 1 at Dam Square, Amsterdam Central where he was booked for a performance. Jah Cure had performed at Blake’s concert, two days before, in the Melkweg. However, he had not been paid his performance fee of 5,000 euros.

Prosecutors had demanded that Jah Cure be sentenced to eight years, with time served, for attempted murder and assault.  However, Jah Cure‘s lawyer Tim Scheffer argued that the incident was self-defense and that it was never the singer’s intention to stab the concert promoter in the first place. Scheffer had also told the court that the threatening messages that Jah Cure sent prior to the stabbing were “part of the Jamaican reggae culture,” according to Het Parool.

On Tuesday, the panel of three judges rejected Cure’s claim of self-defense but ruled in his favor that it was not a premeditated act of attempted murder.  “There is still too little evidence for a preconceived plan to take the victim’s life,” one judge said, according to Telegraaf.

According to Nu.nl, the court today described the incident as an “apparently fairly trivial conflict” which Jah Cure ‘blew up and escalated’.

“The judge ruled that such a stabbing incident in broad daylight in a busy place such as Dam Square does give the victim and society a great sense of insecurity,” Telegraaf noted.

Jah Cure can appeal the decision.

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