International: Humans Identified as dogs gathered in Germany

Hundreds of people who identify as dogs gather to bark and howl at each other in Germany. Around 1,000 ‘trans-species’ activists met up at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz railway station in the German capital.

Can you imagine a sight like this? It’s truly pawsome! This unique event brings together dog enthusiasts from all walks of life, where they unleash their inner canine and create an unforgettable experience.

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, everyone was invited to join this barking extravaganza. 🐾🎉. So-called trans-species people claim they do not feel or identify as human beings, but instead as specific animals or mythological beings. According to reports, so were waving rainbow flags. The event which took place on September 20 of this year was so loud and realistic that it prompting Calls For Animal Control as people thought there were dogs let loose in Potsdamer Platz railway station.

The meeting of an estimated 1,000 people was captured on video, showing the group imitating dog howling and barking sounds. Members of the crowd wore canine masks and headpieces to show their affiliated canine species. There are more and more people coming out identifying as either cats or dogs.

According to Dailymail, dog impersonators have taken the internet by storm in recent years. Among the best-known is a Japanese man who identifies as a Collie.

A Japanese dog lover who achieved internet fame by dressing head to toe in a bespoke collie costume worth £12,500 has revealed how his family feel about his new life as a canine

Known only as Toco, the man recently went viral for his authentic dog costume.He spent two million Yen – which equates to £12,480 – on a lifelike costume to fulfil his lifelong fantasy of ‘becoming an animal’.

According to the report, Toco became an internet sensation and amassed over 52,000 subscribers on YouTube when he shared videos of him being taken out for walks – on all fours – and attempting to perform tricks in exchange for fake dog food.

An in 2019, British man Tom Peters hit the headlines when he identified as a Dalmatian.

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