Chris Rock Co-sign Louis C.K. Using The N-Word

In light of Will Smith attacking Chris Rock and the current social media slander mostly on the side of the Smith’s, a video now circulating on social media showing Chris Rock co-signing the N-Word amongst his white peers. On a panel with other comedians, including Louis C.K, Ricky Gervais and Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C.K commenced to make a joke about black people’s wealth condition, repeating one of Chris’ jokes.

He stated that when white people becomes rich their whole generation is rich for lifetime. But when a black person becomes rich is countdown to being poor again for their generation.

Rock, responded, “with all the negative things we think about black people”.Louis C.K quickly chimed in and said, so are you saying I am the N-Word? Chris consigned the statement saying yes, Louis C.K is the most N-Word person he ever knows. They all laughed at the joke and Ricky Gervais repeated the word. Louis C.K then referenced that he and Ricky Gervais used it in private.

It is obvious that Jerry Seinfeld was aware the discussion was not okay. He also looked somewhat uncomfortable with the argument. He said he does not find any humour in the word and he do not seek to use it at all.

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