Baby Cham: Nuff a look attention from the colour of their hair

Cham formerly known as Baby Cham, decided to air his grievance with one of his fellow artiste.

Cham in a post addressing issues with the upcoming show Groovin’ In The Park which is set to held at on Sunday, June 25 , 2023 at the Roy Wilkins Park , Queens, NY.

Cham did not called any times, but he posted a lyrical bashing, labelling them to be looking attention with the colour of their hair. He said, sometimes I have to wonder about the clothes some people wear. Nuff a look attention from the colour of their hair. Acting very stupid because they love it when you stare. Gwaan like them a star and none a dem no have no flair. He said, we don’t mess around so don’t let me get mad up in here. Why the sudden rush to be the artiste of the year?! Who is paying the Press to get a hype on their career?! Selfish entertainer vex because the mic a share. It look like dem no want to see Lawless appear.

Although Cham did not call any names, some are speculating it could be Spice. She was announced to be one of the artiste on the Line Up for the event but she and Marion Hall formerly known as Lady Saw are archnemesis and Ms. Hall is set to perform at the event. People were hoping the two ladies would shared the stage and possibly come to a truce but shockwaves ran through the community when Spice announced she will no longer be at the event. Spice announced to her millions of Instagram followers, that “just incase my besties was sleeping last night . Please know in advance that I will NO LONGER BE AT GROOVIN IN THE PARK.” No further explanation was given. Many are also speculating Spice do not want to share the stage with Marion Hall.

This is the first time in the history of Groovin’ In The Park an artiste was reported to be confirmed and then drop out with no logical explanation. Groovin’ In The Park today also finally confirmed the situation, posting on their social media pages, stating, Official Message From Groovin’ In The Park 2023

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