Andrew Holness comes under fire for his comment on the Israel and Palestine conflict.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness have decided to make a public declaration on Twitter that the Government of Jamaica condemns in strongest terms the attack by the Hamas group on Israel.

The Prime Minister of Israel wrote in part, Dear citizens of Israel Hamas forces invaded the territory of israel this morning, in the morning of the holiday and Shabbat, and murdered innocent civilians, children and the elderly. Hamas has opened a cruel and evil war.

We’ll win this war, but the price is heavy to bear. This is a very difficult day for all of us.

Hamas wants to kill all of us. It is an enemy that kills children and mothers in their homes, in their beds. An enemy that kidnaps the elderly, children, girls. Murderers who spit and slaughter our citizens, our children, who all went out to spend the holiday.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Prime ‎Benjamin Netanyahu

This statement is followed by bombardment of Palestine by Israeli forces.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness wasted no time to come to the defence of Israel on Twitter, “The Government of Jamaica condemns in strongest terms the attack by the Hamas group on Israel, resulting in the deaths, injury and abduction of Israeli civilians. We convey our sympathies to the Government and people of Israel and to the families of all those affected. Jamaica firmly believes that the use of violence and terror has no place in international relations and should never be used against innocent civilians. We call for a cessation of hostilities, a return to peace within internationally agreed guidelines and the pursuit of diplomatic solutions.”

This statement did not go down well on Twitter. Holness is been bombarded by responses from the general public citing is hypocrisy and unfairness towards the people of Palestine.

@SiggonKristov wrote, Any thoughts on this? I don’t remember you condemning it in the strongest terms. He reposted a tweet and photo of Netanyahu calls for the mass deportation of all African migrants from Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the drawing up of plans to expel all of the 25,000 African migrants in Israel following the unrest in Tel Aviv over the weekend, which saw 15 Eritrean protestors shot by Israeli police.

Another person wrote, @HagleyJamNever seen you call out the Israelis for their atrocities against the Palestinians…

@MissMaSunshine simply ask him to “delete this.”

@IrishandChin wrote, you are on the wrong side of history with this.

@lizzielevy wrote, Palestine is “the largest family prison in the world” Archbishop Tutu described the apartheid they live under as worse than what South Africans endured

@Mad_Jamaican said “this was unnecessary, I understand to stay in the US good graces you have to do this but terribly unnecessary”.

@DKAstrology– Goj is misinformed and not in the position to spew opinion on a conflict they don’t understand. Stop sucking up to USA so hard. It’s unbecoming. #FreePalastine

@MzMargaux– And what of the innocent Palestinians? I guess they don’t matter, right PM? Jamaica was one of the countries that stood against apartheid South Africa and look at us now.

Black Billionaire@BlkBillionMag asked, Bredda whe u a deal wit?

Many people are citing the fact that Palestine is what they referred to as an open air prison surrounded by Israel. They also said they have never seen Holness made any comment in regards to the inhumane and horrific treatment and the Palestinian people which has been going on since the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution to partition Palestine on 29 November 1947. Britain, then, announced the termination of its Mandate for Palestine, which became effective on 15 May 1948 and in turn gave Israel the right of an Independent State.



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