Admiral Bailey 6 Point crime plan

Veteran 1990s dancehall artiste Admiral Bailey laid out his 6 Point Crime Plan with the Jamaican public. Bailey whose real name is Glendon Bailey said this crime is a direct reaction after the 9 years old boy was murdered.

1: Gunmen, Murderers and Rapist should be hanged

2: Soldiers and police should not have cell phones on duty

3: Deputize all license firearm holders

4: Make police walk in the communities and kick off doors

5: Lock out INDECOM and Jamaica for Justice for 6 months.

6: Fire the Commissioner of Police and National Minister of Police

According to Bailey, gunmen, murderers, and rapist should be hanged. He argued robbers should be forced to watch the gruesome hanging of the gunmen, murderers, and rapist as an act of deterrent.

He went on the say that soldiers that are placed in communities who are having sexual relationships with women of the community should be taken off duty. The soldiers who are on patrol should not be allowed to use their phones while on duty. No air condition for police cars so they can wind down their windows to hear shots firing. Deputize all license firearm holders, he said.

Bailey also believes that police should be walking in the communities, kicking off doors to get the criminals and use a dogs and bulldozers to get the guns. Lock out INDECOM and Jamaica for Justice for 6 months. He believes they only protect the criminals and not the victims.

One of the important aspects of Bailey’s crime plan is to fire the National Security Minister and Commissioner of Police and replace them with police within the Force. Bailey believes this will inspire the officers to work harder knowing they could be the next Commissioner of Police. He argues that it is unfair for a police officer to be working all his or her life knowing he or she will never become the commissioner of police. He believes this is demoralizing to the job.

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