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From Grim to Glow:Downtown Kingston Up-and-Coming. “Kingston Creative”.

“Kingston Creative” Changing Downtown Kingston into a trendy and artsy community

Kingston Creative Participant

Kingston Jamaica:

Downtown, Kingston is the perfect oxymoron of tranquility and terror. Often you are warned to be mindful of thieves while you explore the streets of Downtown. Some people avoid Downtown altogether due to how crowded and cruel it can be. Yet, to many Jamaicans, even despite the dangers, Downtown has a place in their hearts.

Known for the famous Coronation market where you can purchase a wide variety of fruits, waterfront which holds much Jamaican history and hosts the popular year’s end fireworks and a hub for some of the oldest buildings and businesses, Downtown is a place where you’ll often find Jamaicans. Though it is so busy and holds several key areas, Downtown was much more than it is today. Once known as the diamond in the crown city of Kingston, showcasing all the elements of an upscale and prosperous city.

The older generation of Jamaicans will reveal to you a Downtown, Kingston today’s generation never would believe existed. The slender streets once hosted prosperous businesses, beautiful places for worship, awesome theatres and more. Now today it is like a "duppy" of its former glory.

Many people recognize the great potential of this city. The government already started years ago to pump life into this town. There have been several projects that promote and encourage the development of Downtown. One such effort is called the “Kingston Creative”.

Kingston Creative only began a few months ago but is rapidly becoming a massive movement. Their mission is to make Downtown, Kingston the heart of creative and cultural entrepreneurship. Every month-end, Kingston Creative puts on a themed artwork. On Sunday June 1st, they hosted their art walk themed "Paint the City". There were several activities happening on Market & Harbour streets. Kingston Creative has vibrant events such as steel band, yoga class, dance class to Koffee’s "Toast" and of course, many of the patrons contributed to the mural they painted Harbour streets.

Don’t be surprised if you see every wall of Downtown Kingston made into an artsy masterpiece. You might already notice the change that Kingston Creative has already brought to this city. If you want to join the monthly art walk, check out Kingston Creative on Facebook or visit their website at It is an event to experience yourself.

What other changes would you like to see in Downtown, Kingston? And what do you think Downtown, Kingston will be like in 10 years?

Kingston Creative Mural

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Jamaica welcomed 44 foreign nationals as citizens

Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) Advisory Board Chairman, Joseph Issa (left), presents Jerry Bayeshea with his citizenship certificate. The presentation was made during PICA’s fourth citizenship swearing-in ceremony at The Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston, on Thursday (June 27).

Jamaica welcomed 44 foreign nationals as citizens on June 27, 2019. This was granted by Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) where 19 women, 17 men and 8 children were presented with certificates and other documents at PICA's fourth swearing-in ceremony that was held at Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica.

The new passport holders are from countries around the world including nationals from Cuba, United States of America, Canada, Antigua & Barbuda, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Philippines, Russia & more. 9 of those sworn in are descendants of Jamaicans, 11 are from Commonwealth countries, 20  are married to Jamaicans, 3 are minors registered as citizens and 1 has attained citizenship by naturalization.

Andrew Wynter, PICA's CEO, said the ceremony reflects Jamaica's national motto "Out of Many One People", stating that "as of today, you (new citizens) will enjoy the rights and privileges of born Jamaicans." He added that acquiring citizenship is "one of the highest honours a country can give a person who does not have the birthright."

He also acknowledged that the sacrifices many of the now new citizens made to be members of the beautiful island. PICA's Director of Citizenship, Carol Saunders Hammond, who presided over the swearing - in, pointed out that many of the applications PICA received for citizenship are mostly persons of Jamaican heritage living abroad, who are also able to apply locally or from the diaspora. She also noted that they (PICA) are hoping to make the service more accessible to the diaspora soon.

She added that many persons by Jamaican descent want to connect with Jamaica, their roots and contribute to the country's development. She commended this and stated that the importance of Jamaicans' total contribution, despite where they are, is recognized.

New citizen, Jerry Bayesha, who originates from Nigeria, responded on behalf of the recipients, expressed gratitude to authorities for facilitating their applications.

"We understand the importance of adding value to this great nation and, to that extent, I want to promise, on behalf of myself and other members, that we will do our best to the social, political and economic growth of this great nation," he said.

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No Visa needed. Jamaica and Ghana visa waiver to be implemented

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness (right), and President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, during a joint press statement on Saturday (June 15) at Jamaica House.

Kingston, Jamaica:

June 15th: The President of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo arrives in Jamaica as a part of an official two-day working visit “The Year of Return Ghana 2019 Tour” between Jamaica and the other Caribbean Islands.

The Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness issued a press statement at Jamaica House on June 15, 2019, advising of a visa waiver agreement between Jamaica and Ghana. This announcement was made alongside President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, solidifying a reciprocal visa free travel between both countries and stressing the importance of building strong ties between both countries.

What does this mean for Jamaicans?

This means starting July 12019 (when this visa waiver agreement takes effect), Jamaicans can now travel to and from Ghana without obtaining a visa. The crucial document Jamaicans will need for travel to Ghana now is a valid Jamaican passport.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo stated at the press conference:

“We cannot have visas standing in the way of those relations, so the decision has been taken by my government that, as Ghanaians benefit from visa free arrangements here in Jamaica, we are also going to provide visa free arrangements for Jamaicans in Ghana, to facilitate and also make it easier for you to come and join us for the ‘Year of Return.”

He went on to say, “We can use this initiative to forge increased inter-personal connections and at the same time deepen the trade and commercial relations between our respective countries”.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo emphasized that the intention is to use the symbolism of 'The Year of Return, Ghana 2019' to take concrete steps to solidify the relationship between Jamaica and other countries in the region.

“The relationship that we are forming here in Jamaica, will form part of this process of solidifying the relations between those of us on the continent of Africa and those of you in the Diaspora outside Africa,” he said.

Sunday June 16th: The arrival coincided with the 8th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference which began on Sunday June 16th. His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was a guess speaker at the conference. During the address, the president expressed the importance of the relationship between the two countries.

The president end his visit by telling the diaspora “please come and sample Ghana. Make the return journey a happy and joyful one. The Year of Return awaits you all. Now is the time to engage each other positively. I am looking forward to many Jamaicans taking up this offer”.

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Opinion| Jamaica: Country of unrealized possibilities

For a country that is so blessed with its own natural resources to be self-efficient, why have we been ranked as the second poorest country in the Caribbean? Having been born in this Island; a citizen for twenty-four years and nine months, I believe I am qualified to share my observations of the realities.

Without a doubt, Slavery is greatly responsible for the mind-set that many of my fellow Jamaicans have towards Agriculture. Farming is still considered primitive and reminds many of peers of slavery and as result our people have not made adequate use of the fertile lands nor the revolutionary technology to our advantage. We are so bombarded with the North American Culture showcased on our television screens. If we should consider the things that we spend the most money, food for example; How much of it is locally manufactured? Consider the hair industry also, ladies spend a fortune on their hair through online shopping, wigs, hair piece etc. not made in Jamaica! As consumers, we should make an effort to be aware of the products we purchase and if any at all we are patriotic we would start supporting our local market. We must reduce our import bill and/or balance exports as a nation if any at all we seek to improve the status quo.

Our heads of state and advisory bodies today, despite the vast advancement in technology, their poor choices of investment have caused us to remain primitive as a nation in our approach to many aspects of governance; many of our resources we take for granted could really help us to hit the Jackpot if we had a proactive approach. As a small nation, we have one of the highest murder rates per capita yet our government has no crime plan in place. Do they really care about the people? We would observe that repatriation has been a frequent cry in recent times as it is a fact that the free and inhumane labor provided by our ancestors through slavery is responsible for the powerful economies of Britain etc. today. But if Jamaica receives this repatriation in cash or kind, how would the wealth be shared? Probably only the families of the government members and the opposition would benefit.

Our local Farmers and Factories need help! Help with Innovation, Technology, training staff, using the right farming techniques that will not exhaust the land, feeding livestock with locally manufactured feeds, networking, business supporting business. They need to think long-term! What we have in abundance can be described as corner shop industries in Jamaica, where people have the mentality to ‘eat a food.’ No Adequate research, nor preparation, nor the actual application of self is done. We just do something, any old thing trying to ‘make ends meet’. If we consider the emigrants that came pre and post-emancipation, they have established many businesses for themselves and their families: Restaurants, Wholesale, Resorts etc.

What exists in Jamaica is that most of our wealth are in the hands of these emigrants who had made right decisions, seized an opportunity and are today reaping the benefits of their successes. We refuse to be innovative as a people and continue to travel the route our ancestors took, hard labor for meager wages. Many brilliant young people are leaving colleges to work as Customer Service Representatives in the booming Business Process Outsourcing Sector. Are any of these ‘call centers’ as we know them owned by a Jamaican, do they serve Jamaican Clients? I think not. Jamaicans are simply the hard-working employees everywhere building up foreign empires. How could I forget, Auntie Sue is filing papers for little Johnny to go to Canada. There he will continue his employee duties probably working for better wages but with higher bills to pay. What we are seeing here is history repeating itself, we own practically nothing in our own country!

We need to take a monitoring and evaluations approach to assessing our industries and the various ministries of government that oversee the policies and programs to determine if we are adequately preparing our citizens for independence. The Education Ministry for example needs to ensure that the subjects being taught at various levels-   from the Basic to the Tertiary level are preparing students to thrive in a global market while maintaining patriotism.

In conclusion I still believe our systems continue to train our people to be slaves, just for a new master: The Government of Jamaica

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Three Gunmen turned out to be rouge cops, accused of killing civilian

The scene of the crash where one rouge cops died


According to multiple reports, an off duty policeman was travelling in the vicinity of St. Catherine North-
Chedwin Park & Brunswick Avenue at the Jobs lane Intersection about 11:53 pm on 04/27/19.

The off-duty policeman observed a shooting in progress. The policeman intervened and chased the gunmen who were travelling in a Nissan Sunny AD wagon. During the pursuit, a shootout began between the off-duty officer and the gunmen who were travelling in the Nissan Sunny AD wagon. One occupant of the car was shot. The Nissan motorcar subsequently crashed into another vehicle at the intersection of Brunswick Avenue & Jobs Lane where one of the occupants of the car died. The second occupant was accosted by the off-duty officer whilst the other escaped and is now on the run.

Officers on the scene of the shooting

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has now confirmed that the three men who were involved in the shooting are in fact suspended policemen from the Mobile Reserve Unit.

It is now confirmed that the three suspended policemen is accused of murdering a civilian Sheldon Daley, o/c “Junior Biggs”, at a social event in Chedwin Park, St. Catherine.

Jamaica Observer A man, who turned out to be a policeman, travelling in the escape vehicle succumbed to injuries sustained in the crash, INDECOM said.

Another occupant identified as a police officer, was taken into custody, while the third cop is on the run and is being sought by the authorities, INDECOM said.

INDECOM said it has since launched an investigation into the shooting death of the civilian who has been identified as Sheldon Daley. According to INDECOM, two of the officers involved in the killing of the civilian had been previously charged for murder by INDECOM and were released on bail.

Three Glock pistols, a .45 pistol and a Browning 9mm pistol were seized from their vehicle.

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T&T Police Raid Buju Hotel: Government was unaware of the raid.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Police Commissioner Gary Griffith & Buju Banton

Buju Banton, whose legal name is Mark Myrie, is in Trinidad for his ‘I am Legend’ concert, which is part of his "Long Walk To Freedom Tour" set to perform at Queens Park, Savannah, Port of Spain today Sunday.

Buju posted a video on Social Media which he stated the Trinidadian Police had raided his hotel room. In the video, Buju said the police claim they had a warrant. Buju seem to have questioned the fact they could have obtained a warrant on a Saturday.

" Trinidad wats up! I am chilling in my hotel room and the cops came to check me, a whole bunch of them, said they got a warrant to search my room and a whole bunch of stuff,"

Buju Banton is staying at the Hilton Trinidad hotel.

" I just want you to know, no matter what they can't break us. Still got love for you Trinidad, they can't distract us, that is why we are here, for you not them," he said. Banton questioned how the police could obtain a search warrant on a Saturday for a hotel room.

Trinidad's police commissioner Gary Griffith speaking with Buju Banton in his hotel room. Ent Breaking News Photo

The Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has now come forward and apologised to Buju Banton.

According to Griffith, the government had no knowledge of the raid. He assured Buju Banton and his team that he would investigate the matter, having explained that he was at a wedding when he received information.

Griffith, in a Whatsapp message confirmed that he met with the Jamaican reggae singer and promised to launch an investigation into the incident.

According to The Gleaner,their sources said on Saturday afternoon Banton visited old friends in the urban community of on Basilon Street, Laventille. A short while after returning to his hotel room, several police personnel turned up claiming they had a search warrant.

The police found nothing illegal in the room.

Representatives from the Jamaica High Commission were present for the meeting with the Commissioner of Police, during which Buju expressed love for the people of T&T.

In December, Buju was released from US prison where he served seven years on drug a conviction.

Loop Buju's publicist Ronnie Tomlinson of Destine Media said the singer is ready for his performance at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Sunday and will not be distracted.

“When we say Long Walk to Freedom, the Walk wasn’t over on December 7th 2018. We knew the walk would continue ... He said it best ... It’s not an easy road, a many see the glamour and the glitter so dem think a bed a rose / who feels it knows / Lord help me sustain these blows/ One thing we promise you is Buju will NOT BE DISTRACTED ... The Love for Trinidad remains and the love for his fans remains - as he said he does this for the people NEVER for ‘them’ Queen’s Park Savannah TOMORROW nah go Normal!!!!”

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Controversial Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared Andrew Holness Day on (4/20)

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared Andrew Holness Day on "Weed Day" (4/20)

Mr. Daryl Moody who represented the Governor presenting the proclamation to Prime Minister Andrew Holness
Mr. Daryl Moody who represented the Governor presenting the proclamation to Prime Minister Andrew Holness

The Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness attended The Business Leaders Forum in Atlanta, Georgia on April 19th.

During that business meeting Mr. Holness met with a number of political representatives and business leaders, including the Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms. There is no mention that he met with the current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp but he was presented with a proclamation that declared April 20, 2019 Andrew Holness Day in the state of Georgia.

There are two issues at hand: One is the coincident that Andrew Holness' Day fall on the well known and celebrated 4/20 Weed Day. The other issue is, that he was presented with a proclamation by the controversial Governor Brian Kemp. There are arguments that Holness accepting this proclamation may not be appropriate because of who the governor is.

There are no reports whether this was a planned presentation or not but the irony cannot be lost that April 20 (4/20) is Weed Day. Jamaica is known for its popularity with weed so this is enough to get one's imagination going.

The proclamation was presented April 19 at the forum in Atlanta by Mr. Daryl Moody who represented the Governor.

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018 file photo, Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Georgia Stacey Abrams, left, speaks as her Republican opponent Secretary of State Brian Kemp looks on during a debate in Atlanta. (Photo: John Bazemore, AP)

The other issue: Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams was locked in a bitter battle for the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election in Georgia. Stacey Abrams would have been the first African-American female governor of a U.S. state, had she been elected. She received endorsements from Bernie Sanders, Oprah Winfrey and many other celebrities and politicians who went down to Georgia to campaign for her.

The problem was Brian Kemp was Secretary of State while running for governor.

The Intelligencer wrote: Georgia has a problem. Secretary of State Brian Kemp is running for governor but won’t recuse himself from election oversight — a move akin to serving as a “judge in his … own case.” The Associated Press reported last week that his office has 53,000 voter registration applications on hold. Almost 70 percent are from black applicants, who are, statistically speaking, likely backers of his opponent, Stacey Abrams.

Rollingout headline: Republican rips Brian Kemp for stealing Georgia governor’s election from Abrams :It is one thing to have Stacey Abrams and Democrats outraged for allegedly being robbed of a victory in the Georgia governor’s race by her opponent, Republican Brian Kemp. But it is quite another to have one Republican ripping into another for allegedly cheating Abrams out of the governor’s seat. Jason Weaver is a former political strategist for former president George H. W. Bush and ex-presidential campaign adviser to the late U.S. Sen. John McCain. This Texas native accuses Kemp of employing illegal tactics to snatch the election from the rightful winner of the race, which he says is Abrams.

“This hack @BrianKempGA is the next ‘governor*’ of Georgia. But he cheated & undermined democracy every step of the way,” Weaver posted on Twitter. “@staceyabrams should be governor, but isn’t due to actions that can’t be tolerated. She has a bright future. We need a new, enforceable Voting Rights Act. Now! (sic)”

CNN Democrat Stacey Abrams on Friday acknowledged that Republican Brian Kemp will become the next governor of Georgia, ending her bid to become the first African American woman elected to lead a state.

The announcement followed more than a week of post-election legal maneuvering from her campaign and allies as they sought to find enough votes to reduce Kemp's lead and force a December 4 runoff.
Abrams was considering further legal challenges as recently as Friday morning, but ultimately made the decision to end her campaign in a fiery speech to supporters at her headquarters in Atlanta. She did, however, announce plans for a "major federal lawsuit against the state of Georgia for the gross mismanagement of this election and to protect future elections from unconstitutional actions."
Even in acknowledging defeat, Abrams insisted her speech was not giving a concession and instead delivered a series of sharp criticisms of Kemp.

Some are arguing on Social Media that with all this controversy around Kemp, Prime Minister Andrew Holness should not have been in his company or accepted this Award. As explained earlier, there is no evidence that Holness met Kemp. Also, this was a business event whereby this proclamation was presented. One could argue it would be quite rude and discourteous not to accept an award after attending an event when you are the prime minister of a country. Additionally, there are no details on what grounds this award was presented or who made this decision.

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New Paediatric Cardiac Centre at the Bustamante Hospital for Children

The only cardiac centre within the English speaking Caribbean

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced the new Paediatric Cardiac Centre at the Bustamante Hospital for Children on his Facebook Page on Tuesday 16. He emphasized that the Centre is now operational. "

"This state-of-the-art Paediatric Cardiac Centre contains a 10-bed Intensive Care unit, an Operating theatre and a Biplane Catheterization laboratory. It is the only cardiac centre within the English speaking Caribbean and will help to save the lives of many children not just in Jamaica but across the region", the Prime Minister wrote.

The Bustamante Hospital for Children was established in 1963 and has serves approximately 35,887 outpatients and 70,331 casualties per year. 

The state-of-the-art Paediatric Cardiac Centre was opened at the Bustamante Hospital For Children Monday morning. Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton reveal that the facility is valued at an estimated US$5 million.

Non-Government Organisations (NGO) Chain of Hope, Gift Of Life International and Shaggy Make A Difference Foundation, as well as corporate entities Digicel, through the Digicel Foundation, and Sagicor, with assistance from Rotary International and the National Health Fund, contributed to the construction as well as the purchasing of the equipment for the new facility.

According to Loop, the facility will offer surgical and after-care cardiac services for children and accommodate 10 patients with,intensive care unit, an operating theatre and a biplane catheterisation laboratory. It will be able to conduct 220 cardiac procedures each year.

The centre will also provide specialised training for surgeons, nurses and other paediatric cardiac personnel, and will also be used to conduct research. Approximately 400 children are born each year in Jamaica with congenital heart disease, half of which will need some form of corrective procedure, either by open heart surgery or catheter interventions.

Source: Loop

Tufton said, "the Ministry of Health is mandated to ensure that the provision of quality of health services and to promote healthy lifestyles and environmental practices. Over the last two decades, significant efforts have been made to improve cardiac care for children in Jamaica."

Chairman of Chain of Hope Jamaica, Diane Edwards said the work of the organisation has just begun with the facility bringing hope for children with heart issues in the island.

She said, "it is now our building. It is now our gift of life. It is now that we can give to children who have congenital heart defects. So it really is a tribute to our caring and sharing for those children, some of whom are not yet born, some of whom are on the waiting list and some of whom have had their hearts repaired and need continuous care.

"Where we are at this juncture, this is just the beginning. It is the end of the first phase and we have now opened the doors of this facility. It has been operating for a couple of months and has been repairing little hearts and has been really adopted by the Bustamante Hospital for Children," Edwards said.

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Holness announced plans to build more shelters for women affected by domestic violence.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced on April 11 that there are plans to build two additional centers for women affected by domestic abuse.

The announcement was made right after the murder suicide of Roulene Clarke Gowans and Patrick Gowans.

The Prime Minister urged everyone to "reject violence in all its forms".

"We must work to remove the culture of violence in our society. Intimate partner violence has many victims, not only the couple involved but particularly children. I again urge anyone who knows of instances of domestic violence to report the matter; and for victims to leave. The Government through the Ministry of Gender has established shelters for women affected. I know our security forces are doing more to deal with domestic violence cases. Last year I made the plea and I will repeat, we all must get involved and do more to address and report domestic violence cases", the Prime Minister said.

The murder suicide shook the Island on April 10.

A correctional officer shot and killed his estranged wife, who is also a correctional officer, on Waltham Park Road in Kingston.

The murder happened in front of their 12-year-old daughter who was left traumatised after the horrific incident.

According to The Gleaner,It is reported Rouleene Clarke-Gowans, 42, and her husband, Patrick Gowans recently separated and the woman moved out of the house they shared. One witness, around 7 o'clock, the woman was seen running with her hands in the air as she pleaded "no, no, no!" He said the man then opened fire hitting her in her head and she collapsed. The witness said the man then went over the woman and fired several other shots hitting the woman before he turned the weapon on himself.

Clarke-Gowans worked at the Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre, while her husband worked at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre. It is understood that for some time, Gowans had being threatening his estranged wife. He even reportedly turned up at her workplace, assaulted her and threatened to kill her. However, more than a month ago when she left the home they shared, it is reported that they arrived at an arrangement for their child to spend two weeks with each parent on a rotating basis. Gowans was taking the child to school this morning when he killed her mother. The couple had been married for about 15 years.

The Gleaner later reported the police recovered a Browning pistol from the scene.​


Shan Tae who identified herself as the daughter of the murder victim post this message on Facebook.

Hello everyone. Most persons would be aware of the brutal incident that happened on April 10 with the murder suicide act at Waltham Park yesterday. She was my mother Rouleene. There is so much stories so let me clear the air.

My step father abused my mother for years mentally and physically. She was tired of it and left at the beginning of the year. She was filing for divorce. She was living back and forth at my house and my grandpa's house. This is not the first time he tried to kill her from the year started. She was on her way to work in the morning when he lay waited her (with my 12 year old sister in the car) he saw her and ran to her with his gun. My sister tried to hold him back saying "Daddy no, MOMMY RUN!" but he flashed her off and continue to chase after my mom. My sister continued behind him.

He approached her and starting putting the gun to her head. My mom said "KC u don't have to do this" he fired the first shot in her stomach. She was a couple weeks pregnant which most person did not know but he knew. She fell to the ground. At this point my sister was beside her dad. He fired two in her back and one in her head then proceeded to put the gun in his mouth and killed him self. At the moment, he was not dead. He was gasping for air for a couples minutes well until he died.

Please I share my story with all to eliminate the defamation of my mother's name and shed light on abuse. If you know anyone being abuse please reach out for help. This is the ultimate act of sadness. A 12 year old witness the murder of her mom and a selfless act of her father.

Please keep my family especially my sister Patreeka and my 3 year old daughter Zoel in your prayers and thoughts as we grieve the death of my mother Deshanay Clarke.

RIP MOMMY and I will make you proud by taking up where you left of being a mother to my sister 😇💘 I will always and forever love you!


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