Social media and the gossip blogs are lit on fire with what one could be described as the biggest dancehall mixup is recent times.

Spice went on her Instagram live to clear the air. During the 44 minutes long video dancehall artiste Spice decided to address a number of disparaging remarks made about her on social media by a former friend. The friend which will not be named, publicly slander Spice in an attempt to ruin her reputation.

The friend was an alleged confidant of Spice. He is said to be a obeah man, a pastor and a wanna be dancehall artiste. He is referred to as the “obeah man”.

According to the gossip, the friend is angry because Spice did not collaborate on music with him. He feels he is responsible for helping Spice to arrive at her success.

This followed with a string of mixup with former dancehall artiste Lady Saw, Spice dancers, Spice children’s father and a number of other female dancehall artiste and dancehall selector Richie Feelings name drawn in the biggest dancehall drama.

The person who should not be named, claim Lady Saw obeah Spice. Lady Saw, who is now going by her real name Marion Hall, rebuked the obeah man. She also said she already forgave Spice for whatever wrongs Spice had done to her when they were friends.

It is also alleged by one of Spice’s ex-dancer that Spice’ children’s father raped her. Charges he vehemently denied, claiming he and the dancer were having an illicit affair with a series of sexual liaisons behind Spice’s back while they were on tour in Europe and even in Jamaica.

This is arguable one of the biggest dancehall mixup, with you say, me say, them say, and who a chat who. Who obeah who and who hate who and with the break up of Team Spice. Spice will most likely be looking for new dancers if she already haven't found some.

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