Judge Carol Rosemarie Sharpe, born in Jamaica and grow up on Bay Farm Road in Kingston was elected in Tuesday during the #USElection2020.

According to New York County Politics, Carol Sharpe, a Jamaican immigrant, began her legal career as a lawyer in the District Attorney’s office. For the next few years, she prosecuted several homicide cases. Her work which involved listening to witness testimony, helped her learn how to work with people and develop relationships with her constituents. In 2013, she was elected to serve on the Manhattan division of the New York City Supreme Court.

Judge Carol Sharpe
Only in America, she said, could she see such a story play out.
“We are all immigrants, and together we make America great,” said Sharpe. “And I’m happy to live in New York City, because it’s only in New York City that somebody like me could become a judge.”
Judge Sharpe, known to her friends as Dawn, is the sixth of seven children for her parents, Dorothy and Scebert Sharpe. In Jamaica, she attended the Half-Way Tree Primary and The Queen's schools.

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