The Jamaica Police Force (JCF) announced a short while ago that three men have been taken into police custody in connection with investigations into what is believed to be three separate but coordinated attempts on the lives of police officers and their families last night (Friday, September 18, 2020).

The report stated that, due to the very sensitive nature of this high level investigation, the Constabulary is unable to disclose further details at this time.
According to the JCF, the police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, moved to assure the nation that the JCF remains undeterred in our efforts to bring down criminal gangs. “We will relentlessly pursue, not only the individuals who carried out these attacks, but also those persons who helped facilitate, organize and coordinate them in any way. These latest attacks have only served to strengthen our resolve to dismantle these criminal gangs. We will continue to pursue the support systems, connected parties and sources of funding for these criminal enterprises,” Commissioner Anderson said.
The Police Commissioner is imploring members of the JCF to be alert and vigilant at this time as we repel attacks from criminals bent on undermining our efforts to keep the Jamaican people safe.
Meanwhile, the JCF High Command has raised the threat level for violence against members of the JCF to High.

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