According to RT, Dr Joseph Fair appeared at least 10 times on NBC and MSNBC over the last two months to share his fight against Covid-19 with the networks’ viewers. His television appearances – including an interview from his hospital bed – fueled panic about the illness. Describing himself as a fit and healthy 42-year-old, Fair claimed in May that he had absorbed the virus through his eyes while on a flight. As it turns out, there is no reason to believe he ever contracted the virus.

The doctor announced earlier this week that his Covid-19 antibody test had returned negative and that his “suspected” illness from the virus remains an “undiagnosed mystery.”

“I had myriad Covid symptoms, was hospitalized in a Covid ward & treated for Covid-related co-morbidities,” he tweeted in his defense.

This admission garner a flurry of responses. Some range from good wishes to many calling it fake news.

Dr. Fair, followed up to tell the his readers, he was severely ill for 2 weeks, 4 days of it in critical condition, resulting in pneumonia, diffuse lung injury & 18lbs of weight loss. My path forward is a 2nd AB test, & follow-up with a pulmonologist & tropical medicine specialist in an effort to diagnose what made me so ill.

Nevertheless, that did not stop the critics from accusing MSNBC and NBC of peddling fake COVID-19 news to cause fear and chaos.
@Veronicaromm ask him, "Then if you were in a Covid19 ward how did you NOT contract it? Nothing makes sense anymore?"
Dr. Joseph Fair responded to  @Veronicaromm
"That’s actually one thing that really throws me. I had no PPE on for 6 days. HCWs wear PPE but given what we know, I was incredibly luck to NOT get it while in there."

The Conservative media having a field day with this admission . Some calling it an embarrassment after the NBC as their contributor quietly admitted that there’s no evidence he ever had the virus.

Brad Brewer a Conservative Christian pundit argued that, Oh, I'm sure he was probably sick? He had multiple tests and none have been positive. The problem is, they trotted him out as a COVID poster child with ZERO proof that he ever had it.
Others argued, this is a doctor who is in the media and works for NBC, so they should have confirmed he had it before putting him out as a face for COVID. 

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