The Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) has just registered a fourth political party called the Jamaica Progressive Party (JPP). The party is filled with 80 percent (%) of pastors and lead by Apostle Gilbert Edwards. The party’s manifesto involves reducing country’s debt, more housing solutions, encourage stable families, tackling crime and rising wages of public servants.

In addition, they plan to uphold and re-instill morals in Jamaica by closing bars and sex shops.

Even though they have big plans that looks good prima facie many people fear that the powers of the church and state will mix and their plans will be ineffective and problematic. Many argued that there will be job losses attributed to persons who work at bars and sex shops. Some mentioned the human rights issue surrounding the closures.

Pastor Robert Rainford General Secretary of the Jamaica Progressive Party (JPP) spoke to the Gleaner.

Religious party to ban strip clubs, casinos
The church-based Jamaica Progressive Party (JPP) will abolish income tax, ban go-go clubs, and raise salaries for civil servants if it gains state power.

Many argued that the church have been an integral and influential aspect of the Jamaican society. They have done little to nothing about the crime problem even though many of the churches are located in the crime infested ghettos of Jamaica.

The have taken on no leadership role in social or economics issues. There are also very little done in regards to community development programs.

In fact, they are the silent majority of the Jamaican population. So the question many are asking, why should the Jamaican people trust them now?

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