Homeless People Overrun NYC Subway amidst Coronavirus Crisis

If you live in New York City, you may not be surprised by these images.

In fact, homelessness have always overrun the New York City subway system. The honest truth is, the NYC subway system can be considered as absolutely disgusting on a normal day. The elevators of reek with urine, sometime feces and bacteria. Homeless people sleeping. Some with all their belongings on the trains. One could argue that the whole subway system needed a sanitize power wash even before the virus has taken root in City

According to the New York Post, in an article posted Sunday April 26th, the subway has become a filthy, deadly homeless shelter on rails, according to disgusted transit workers who have taken to recording and photographing the horrid conditions.

One video shot earlier this month shows cars of homeless men and women stretched out and slumbering away on an E train. In another filmed Thursday, a man puffs on a cigarette while standing on an E car. A homeless woman was photographed sitting on a 2 train mid-afternoon Wednesday next to an overflowing grocery cart and plastic bags.

And in one video, a man uses the space between the cars on a 2 train as a toilet while stopped in a Brooklyn station.

“That’s straight disgusting, man,” the shocked MTA worker who saw him exclaims in a video. “With the coronavirus, that’s f–king disgusting.”


Since the Stay At Home order have been issued in New York City, there are few people taking the trains. In fact, the trains are practically empty. The video below showed an almost empty subway on Wednesday April 22nd 2020 New York City Jay Street Metro Tech at 6:00 PM

Since very few people riding the trains, the homeless population has moved in.

The worker, who puts in an overnight shift, said trains are cleaned and sanitized when they are done with their runs.

“The horror begins when it comes out to the public,” he said. “The minute it pulls into the station, you got the 100 homeless hanging out there. This is where they live. They get on there. They lay down. They use the bathroom. They vomit. Anything you can imagine gets done.”

MTA conductor Adrienne Blocker, 28, said the homeless issue is no longer confined to after dark.

“We see it all day now,” Blocker said. “Now they’re there 24 hours.”~New York Post

The argument of the employees are not been disputed but if you live and travel the subway again, these images does not come as a surprise.

This is an opportune moment for Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio to power wash and sanitize the city and underground systems.

New York City, according to Cuomo is the epicenter of the coronavirus. Millions of passengers travels the subway on a normal day. Shouldn't this be a priority like everything else to attack the virus?

There are many countries around the world who took this moment with the virus to clean and sanitize their cities, why not the same in New York City?

There have been lots of funding for the coronavirus. President Donald Trump signs a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill.  There was another $484 billion coronavirus relief bill.  There are more than enough money going around to the States, some of which could been allocated to power wash and sanitize New York City which is the epicenter of the virus in the United States.

Cities Around The World Power Wash And Sanitize For Coronavirus

Buzz Feed News shows 24 Cities being power wash and sanitize for the virus

Utility service vehicles disinfect a road in Moscow, Russia, on April 24, 2020. (Xinhua/Evgeny Sinitsyn)

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