Amidst the current national caronavirus crisis, the Jamaica National Building Society Bank became victims of a cyber attack.
A senior management here at Jamaica Live have an account with Jamaica National. On March 19th we made an attempt to report money to the bank from the United States and we were told the system was down.
We made another attempt today March 20th and was told the system was still down. We asked to speak to a manager. The manager informed us the system was down due to updates. We asked the manager if the bank was hacked. The manager said no. He said they had a software update on Saturday 14th of March and the new software is not compatible with the current system and that has caused a disruption on the banking system
Approximately Four hours later Jamaica National put out a Public Service Announced that their banking system have been compromised by ransomware attack. Subsequently members of the bank are unable to access their accounts.
They assured account holders that their personal information is not affected in anyway. 

They said they are working hard to fix the problem despite the system being down going on one week now

There have been a several calls from Jamaica Live to Jamaica National but all went unanswered

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