In a Press Conference earlier today Minister of Health & Wellness, Dr the Hon. Christopher Tufton, MP revealed there is one person currently isolated for showing symptoms of the Corona Virus.
 According to Dr.Tufton, between January 23rd and February 8th,116 people arrived in Jamaica. They were in China 14 days prior to arriving in Jamaica. Upon arrival 27 persons were not landed, some were put in quarantine at home and others in facilities in Jamaica.
This morning around 8:00 am one person in quarantine having spent approximately 8 days in quarantine begin to have an alleviated temperature. This person is now put in further isolation as per protocol.
Samples have been taking from this person and will be processed by the National Influenza Center and will be sent oversees for testing.
This is the first time any person in Jamaica were detected with symptoms which made it necessary for that person to be taken from quarantine into Isolation.  The measures were taken in an effort to control or prevent the Corona Virus to affect the country and people

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