"The Year Of Return 2019" saw many celebrities from the West returning to the Motherland.

A few local entertainers such as Popcaan, Koffee, Kranium, Gramps Morgan, Jah Cure and Alkaline, just to name a few
decided to voyage to Africa.


The Year of the Return is an initiative led by the government of Ghana. President Nana Akufo-Addo, visited Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands with the aim to encourage people of African descent in the Diaspora to visit the Continent and especially Ghana.


In a series of social media posts, the International dancehall artiste is clearly having a blast in the West African country. He kissed the ground at the airport which is seen as an action of respect and love for a country and its people.  Popcaan and his entourage caused mayhem at the Kotoka International Airport upon arrival.

The fun and excitement continues in the streets of Ghana. Hundreds of people flocked the artiste cheering him on.

Popcaan admitted to cashing out on a home in the country. In his social media post, he claimed to have purchased a brand new home in Ghana. While the entertainer may be joking, he shared his real estate purchase with his followers in his post.

While this is not Popcaan's first trip to the African country, he seems to be making up for the last visit back in 2014.


He commented on the emotions that his journey through the Cape Coast Castle evoked, “This place and the story about it makes me very sad honestly”.


Popcaan dressed in traditional African Kente attire on his exploration of the historic site and implored fans to “Read and educate yourself about your past and history.”


The Cape Coast Castle is one of about forty "slave castles", or large commercial forts, built on the Gold Coast of West Africa (now Ghana) by European traders. It was originally a Portuguese "feitoria" or trading post, established in 1555. However in 1653 the Swedish Africa Company constructed a timber fort there. It originally was a centre for the trade in timber and gold. It was later used in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. It was used to hold slaves before they were loaded onto ships and sold in the Americas, especially the Caribbean. This "gate of no return" was the last stop before crossing the Atlantic Ocean~Wiki

Dancehall Artist Popcaan Standing At The Door Of No Return In Ghana

In honor of his ancestors the ‘Stronger’ deejay laid a wreath, “I went and lay this wreath in memory of my ancestors that was put in these dungeons and ship to Jamaica and other parts of the world.”

Dancehall artist #Popcaan pays respect to his ancestors by laying a wreath.

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