Named the #1 resort Parish in the island recently, St. Ann has managed to keep crime stable, with last year being a record low of the Garden Parish.

Mayor, Michael Belnavis recently discussed on the understanding that all stakeholders have. He stated they "have come together and taken the parish as one". There is a level of understanding between the municipal cooperation, the police and the public that works.

According Belnavis, within the next few years there will be new housing, more hotels and businesses. The developments are expected to be will be beneficial for local residents. "We're looking at a whole new city along that Land overy stretch. Not only will ten hotels be plotted on that stretch, of which two will come on stream right away, there's going to be fifteen hundred homes along the hillside plus plazas, shopping centres, things of that nature."

To help fund the efforts within the parish, the Mayor's Office will be hosting a Benevolent Ball on January 25 to raise funds for the St. Ann's Bay Regional Hospital and Infirmary.


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  1. DIANE SYEVENS PINKARD on January 8, 2020 at 11:32 pm

    ATTENTION: Is this the land that the HOTEL CARIBBEAN ISLE….was on????? I will an idea where it is , if you answer the question,,
    Thank You.

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