St. Catherine, Jamaica: On July 26, 2019, 37 Jamaicans became homeowners due to the National Housing Trust Jamaica (NHT). The 37 beneficiaries were given keys to their homes in the Spanish Ridge housing scheme in St. Catherine.

This housing scheme is located in the community of Kitson Town and is about 15 minutes away from the parish’s capital, Spanish Town. Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness said of this milestone “NHT is following the mandate that they have been giving which is build house, build house, build house and don’t stop build house because that is the only way, friends, that we are going to address the issue of irregular settlement of land in Jamaica. We have to get ahead of the demand for housing solutions. And, we have to make sure that the housing solution is affordable and that we build solutions that meet the market segment demand and that is what is the NHT is doing.”

37 Jamaicans Celebrating their New Homes!

The Spanish Town Ridge housing scheme consists so far of four premium serviced lots at the cost of $3.7 million each; and three regular serviced lots for  $2.8 million each, 12 one-bedroom units for $10 million each and 18 two-bedroom units at a cost of $12 million each. Since 2017, the NHT began 11,198 housing solutions, which surpasses what was done for the 4 years prior.  2,689 more units will be added by month’s end.

Martin Miller, Managing Director of the NHT, said to the new homeowners:

“Owning real estate is just one step. You need to protect your real estate. You must ensure that the entire community is protected; work together, grow each other's family, see yourself as your brother's keeper.”Holness advised the new homeowners to make this housing scheme a “model community”. He mentioned that the Spanish Ridge already has its own homeowners committee and added that this shows how ready the owners are to improve their community, safeguard their assets while maintaining their peace of mind.

The executive body of the Spanish Ridge housing scheme stated that they are extremely delighted for the opportunity to be given their own keys and that owning a new home is “a sign of prosperity”.

“It is our duty as a Government to ensure the process of owning a home is easy and affordable. We are demonstrating the fulfillment of this commitment by breaking ground and building a record number of units in the last 3 years,” Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness stated on his Facebook Page.

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