Floyd Grindley, the General Manager of Petrojam was caught up in a scandal which many argued constitute breach of government policy.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness vowed to put ministers on notice about corruption and the misuse of power in government. He was under pressure to fulfill those promises in the Petrojam matter. Many Jamaicans were watching to see what action he would take in the matter.

In a thirty five minutes Parliament Statement on July 10 2018, he outlined a number of issues that was found in the Petrojam matter. He also outlined new rules and policy changes he wanted to implement to make sure this abuse of power does not happen again.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness speaking in Parliament on the Petrojam matter

On June 13/2018 the General Manager of Petrojam Limited (http://www.petrojam.com/about-us) Floyd Grindley and his committee members were summoned to the Jamaican Parliament to be questioned on what some deemed as corrupt activities within Petrojam under the management of the General Manager Floyd Grindley. The questioning sessions went on for a little over 3 hours and 31 minutes.

After an investigation Prime Minister Andrew Holness come to a conclusion of the matter. This conclusion resulted in the removal of Dr Andrew Wheatley from energy portfolio with energy now in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and the resignation of Floyd Grindley.

Prime Minister Holness noted that Floyd Grindley was in control of the company when a number of malpractices and improprieties occurred. He explained that the new body and system he will put in place will be responsible for correcting a number of issues that the report pointed to, including human resources, the accusations of corruption, nepotism and questionable spending at Petrojam.

He also pointed out that his government was concerned about the allegations made and acted upon them. He said his government place accountability on facts and went through the process of identifying those facts and have taken action to correct them.

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